Applied Nutrition Unveils Partnership with Iconic Confectionery Brand Swizzels Sweets

04 May 2023


Sports Nutrition brand Applied Nutrition has formed a long-term partnership with the iconic confectionery manufacturer Swizzels, to launch a range of sports nutrition products in several of Swizzels’ most famous flavours.

Swizzels is one of the world’s longest-running sweet manufacturers and has been making sweets since 1928.

The company is known for some of the most famous sweet brands including Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumstick Lollies, and Parma Violets and is loved by generations of people – many having grown up on Swizzels’ famous creations.

Launching in June, Applied Nutrition has announced a Drumstick lollies flavour of both its bestselling hydration drink BodyFuel™ and a 60ml shot variant of its popular pre-workout, A.B.E.

The company says it will be releasing more products in the Swizzels flavours over the next few months across its proteins, performance powders and drinks ranges that will be available in some of Swizzels’ most renowned flavours including Refresher, Squashies and Love Hearts.


Sarah-Louise Heslop, Marketing Manager at Swizzels said:

“Several of our flavours and brands have been a constant in the UK for generations and we play an important role in many people’s lives, therefore it was vital that we partnered with a brand that could produce products that accurately and authentically mirrored the famous and distinctive Swizzels flavours.

“Applied Nutrition has worked closely with us to precisely replicate our famous flavours and we are delighted with the results. We know many of our fans care about their health, fitness and nutrition so this partnership is a perfect opportunity to give people an easy way to enjoy our flavours as part of an active lifestyle.”

Jason Dowling, Head of Brand Partnerships at Applied Nutrition added:

“We can’t wait for customers to get their hands on the new Swizzels X Applied Nutrition flavour creations. The taste is perfect and will take a lot of customers back to their childhoods!

“There’s several more of Swizzels’ famous flavours planned to make an appearance over the next few months across a range of different products which we’re confident customers are going to love.”

The licensed product collection is available for purchase through Applied Nutrition’s official e-commerce website , high street retail and specialist sports nutrition and health and wellbeing stores globally.