Adrian builds his career in Construction with TD Construction Testing

08 May 2019


TD Construction Consulting

Construction Apprentice Adrian Swiderski has started his role as a Construction Materials Testing Technician at TD Construction Testing after undertaking a Fast Track to Apprenticeships course at St Helens Chamber Construction Training Centre.

After Adrian left college in 2016, he struggled finding the motivation or direction to get his career started. Adrian found out about the Fast Track to Apprenticeships courses at St Helens Chamber.

Adrian commented: “I wanted to find a job but I really didn’t know where to start, so when I saw an advert for the Fast Track to an Apprenticeship Open Day online I thought it was a good place to start.

“I went in and asked how I could get a job and start my career and the advisers told me about the Construction Fast Track course, so I started on that”.

At the Construction Centre, Adrian made the most of all the training on offer to him; particularly enjoying the practical tasks where trainees can work on plastering, tiling, joinery and more, all supervised by the experienced Training Advisers. St Helens Chamber’s Construction Centre is purpose built to help people experience the real world of work before they go into employment, with Training Advisers on hand to guide them and match them to roles.

Adrian adds: “The course was great as they taught us about Health and Safety regulations as well as all the important practical tasks.

“I completed work experience with a local business to boost my skills and CV, then the Training Advisers matched me to the job I’m in now”.

With the help of the Training Advisers at St Helens Chamber, Adrian found his new role within TD Construction Testing and has found the staff there to be very supportive of his development and he is looking forward to continuing to learn and develop in his role.

Adrian commented: “I’m really enjoying it here, the people are nice and I’m learning a lot and picking new things up all the time”.

As a Construction Materials Testing Technician, Adrian’s role is hands on and comes with a lot of responsibility.

Adrian explained: “I carry out different tests daily on different materials. The main test I carry out is called a CBR where you note down the numbers as the machine presses down on the material to see how strong it is. There are also different cubes we test in the machine putting pressure on them to check the strength of the concrete”.

“My role is to help make sure that the materials meet the required specifications to allow our clients to commence work on site”.

If, like Adrian, you’d like to start your construction career, get in touch with our Apprenticeships team today and see how we can help you. As a Construction Apprentice Adrian highly recommends the support from the Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course.

Adrian said: “I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to get into the Construction industry, I’ve already recommended it to my brother!”

If you’d like to know more about Construction Apprenticeships, get in touch on or call on 01744 742045