The Perfect Solution to Lunch on the Go!

24 Oct 2019


Lots of claims get made that, ‘this or that’ is a perfect solution to a problem or an opportunity. However, reality is often very different. Convi-Store is a new innovation that really does live up to the hype.

The Convi-Store is built around the concept of cashless, unmanned retail outlets that are being seen in some cities around the country. They provide a multitude of goods and services for both staff and forward thinking organisations. For the company these benefits include the provision of meeting spaces and break out areas in refreshment areas, to encourage team building and great staff experiences as well as genuine cost reductions.

Convi-Store provides clients with a 21st century answer to staff dining, including a unique and exclusive range of hot meals, giving the consumer the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous roast chicken dinner, at any time of the day. Not only that, recent installations have proven that massive savings are available with no loss of service. In fact they offer service improvements – a perfect solution!

In the store you will find a range of foods, snacks and drinks that go way beyond the needs of the average working day, including healthy snacks and hot or cold meal provisions. In addition to the obvious, on-the-go staples, the store offers a wide range of food items so staff can avoid the need to stop at further stores on the way home. Of course, this is also a great solution for 24 hours working too. The actual range of items is something that can be agreed on a site by site basis, but the fundamental focus is on food and drink services.

For more information contact Florina Barbulescu on 01744 762912