A New Tailor-made Career for Former Saints Star

05 Oct 2020


Rugby league players, as with all professional sports people, can face unique pressures when coming to the end of their playing careers. The sudden drop in earnings can have an immediate effect. However the long term effects of adapting to a life without the thrill of competition, the team camaraderie and all the other aspects of life that professional sport people become accustomed to, can be even more challenging.

Former Saints star Paul Clough recognised the importance of planning for rugby retirement at an early stage in his career. Over the last few years, with the help of St Helens based Tailored Financial Planning Ltd, Paul gained numerous financial qualifications, and actual work experience. Pauls career ended sooner than expected when the Covid pandemic forced clubs to cut back.  However his qualifications set him in good stead, and he recently started his new career, with Tailored Financial Planning.

The company, a St Helens Chamber member, has a strong connection with rugby league, and with Saints. Company Director Tommy Frodsham, is a former Saints player and coach. He knows all too well the importance of planning for that day when the top flight playing days are over.

Paul says, “I’ve known Tommy since I started at Blackbrook in my early teens. He’s followed my career all through, and has always been there as a mentor for me.”

In 2013 the Rugby League Cares charity started to provide funding for players to get training. Paul took up the offer, and opted for accountancy training. “I quickly realised it wasn’t for me, and Tommy suggested I look at financial advising” says Paul.

Tommy interjected, “Paul’s always been a bright lad, he could have easily gone to university, but he chose rugby league, and to be fair he’s excelled at the sport. Not many get a 10 year testimonial at Saints. I knew he knew he had the ability to do this job, so was more than happy to help with his training.”

As well as studying and gaining qualifications, Paul spent time working in the office at Tailored Financial in order to gain real time experience. He says, “It’s worked out perfectly, I have the qualifications, gained experience along the way, and I’ve been able to hit the ground running.”

Tommy added, “Paul is the perfect role model for any rugby league player. He had a great career, and he’s planned and worked hard to ensure he has another career when the time came. We were delighted to welcome him on board”

Tailored Financial Planning Ltd has grown beyond all expectations since it was incorporated in 2015. To facilitate further planned growth it has recently move into impressively refurbished offices in Corporation Street.

Tommy explains, “We’ve exceeded our growth plans every year since we started. We have a fantastic relationship with St Helens Chamber and the help we’ve had, especially in the early days has been great. As well as fantastic networking opportunities, we’ve had grants, help with business planning and training. We’ve also had an apprentice administrator through the Chamber who has just started her financial advisor training.”

Tailored Financial Planning Ltd is commited to bringing young people into the business. Tommy says, “This business is built on succession planning, it will continue long after me because I’ve got young people coming through to continue the growth. We plan to keep putting new layers in and they will be the ones who grow this business and benefit from it.”

Leaving the final words to Paul, “It’s great to be involved in this business, it’s really moving forward. The new offices are great, and I’m really looking forward to becoming completely involved. I’ve always been completely dedicated through my rugby career, I’m determined to continue that dedication with Tailored Financial Services.”