10 Top Benefits for Sole Traders

28 Feb 2018


Chamber Protect is free, included in your Membership, and offers a wide range of benefits to protect your business. We’ve highlighted 10 of the most useful benefits for a sole trader and how you can use them to help manage your business

  • Legal advice – Advice on any legal matter affecting your business including contract disputes, licence protection and more.
  • Debt recovery – Advice on your rights and what you can do to help get money from clients who are slow at settling your invoices.
  • Tax advice – Access to advice to ensure that you are compliant and to help you deal with VAT and HMRC enquiries.
  • Health & safety advice – Advice on a wide range of health & safety issues, including start up, risk assessments, fire safety and more.
  • Landlord issues – If you are having any issues with your landlord you can access all the advice you need to get the resolution you need.
  • Client disputes – Advice to help you deal with any disputes with your clients.
    Employment Law – If you are ever considering employing or working with someone you can access the advice and documents you need.
  • Legal documents – The document library features over 700 FREE downloadable business documents including contracts for services, for tendering and more.
  • Health & Safety documents – Documents include Getting Started in Health & Safety, developing a Health & Safety policy, risk assessments and more.
  • Insurance – Comprehensive legal expenses insurance cover for employment disputes, tax investigations, data protection and more.

To find out more about our Chamber Protect services visit our website or call the Membership team on 01744 742025.