Dyslexia Awareness

20th July 2023

09:30 - 16:00

St Helens Chamber


Thanks to funding from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Adult Education Budget we are pleased to be able to offer this course free of charge – provided that attendees were aged 19+ as of 31/8/22 and live within the Liverpool City Region.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and occurs in all areas of the world, affecting between 3-7% of the population. Dyslexia is a disorder characterised by reading below the expected level for their age, with different people affected to different degrees.


In house certificate

Course content:

The aim of this course is for learners to

  • Develop an understanding of dyslexia to support learners within a working environment
  • Improve understanding of dyslexia, whether for professional or personal reasons

It will be particularly relevant for parents with children who have dyslexia and for teaching assistants and learning support staff with little or no prior knowledge of dyslexia.

Learners may already be working in, or seeking employment in the following sectors – education, health & social care, employability, voluntary

Progression and related jobs:

You could progress onto further learning or expand your knowledge with our mental health courses or introduction to autism. This would suit a wide range of job roles, particularly in education, health & social care, employability, voluntary.

For further information about this course contact Starting Point on 01744 698800 or email info@thestartingpoint.org

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