Data Protection And You

6th March 2023

09:30 - 13:30

St Helens Chamber


During this unprecedented time the need to record personal information is now more vital than ever.
It may be the first time you have had to collect customers’ and visitors’ personal information, or you may feel the need to update your Data Protection procedures to ensure you are following Government Guidelines.

This seminar will help you navigate Data Protection rules and regulations and will introduce you to all the fundamentals of Data Protection and Retention.

On this seminar employees learn how to recognize personal data, separate it from security issues and company secrets, and develop a special sensitivity in handling personal data. Only this way, holistic compliance with the data protection regulations of the GDPR can be guaranteed. 

Topics covered:

  •  Keeping it Legal (legislation and law)
  • What is Data Protection?Why do we need Data
  • Protection?Data Retention (how long do I need to keep records?)
  • Your Responsibilities (what do I do and what do I have to refer to my manager?)
  • What happens if it goes wrong

By the end of the Seminar, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the need for data protection 
  • List their responsibilities under data protection law 
  • Recognise when and for what purposes data may be used
  • Apply appropriate company data protection policies and procedures in case studies 
  • Identify what to do in the event of a data protection breach

Delivered by Clearer Thoughts

£70 + VAT

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