Connecting with Purpose

28th February 2023

13:00 - 16:30

St Helens Chamber


At a time when businesses are time-poor and inundated with marketing messages, what counts more is trust, empathy, and personal connection. Building meaningful and trustworthy relationships, through face-to-face and online networking, is a strategy for building collaboration, referrals and a strong opportunity pipeline.

Networking combines both online and physical connection in a new blend or networking mix; when the skills and strategies are learnt, it can lead to an invaluable and loyal network for a business. The need for connection has never been stronger and there are more networking groups than ever but how does a business build meaningful connection and network with a purpose that aligns with their values as well as commercial realities.

This workshop will build on the networking theory, mechanics and skills covered in the ‘Networking Essentials’ workshop. It will focus on more detailed networking strategic planning, on developing a blended networking mix combining in-person, online and social networking, on techniques for relationship management, including follow up strategies, and on reputation and identity management – all with the goal of achieving more purposeful networking.

Delivered by Kirsty James Consulting.

£70 + VAT

£99 + VAT