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27 Jan
Strategic Planning Skills
Members: £65.00 + VAT
Non-members: £99.00 + VAT
09:30 - 13:00 Remote Session

Business owners are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. That is why, to really give a business focus on growth, development of a Strategic Plan is an absolute necessity. Creating a strategy for growth and developing the processes that support it, prioritises the business’s activities on delivering specific desired outcomes and provides an effective framework for positive change.

A strategy provides a living and breathing template for running a business and engaging everyone involved to achieve common goals and objectives. The seminar will start by considering definitions of strategy, tactics, vision and mission statements. In addition, the importance of making targets ‘SMART’ will be emphasised.

A workbook provided on the day will take attendees through the no-nonsense Business Doctors Strategic Planning Process.

• A framework for making informed decisions
• A robust basis for more detailed planning
• Clarity when explaining the business to others to inform, motivate and involve
• Benchmarking and performance monitoring
• Positive stimulus for change and a clear focus for growth
• A plan of action for implementing a new strategy By the end of the seminar:
• Attendees will understand what defines a strategy and why goals and targets should always be SMART.
• They will understand the importance of a Strategic Plan and have a process and structure for developing one.
• An overview strategy for their business will be introduced on the day and can be developed further after the seminar.

28 Jan
Effective Communication & Motivation Skills
Members: £80.00 + VAT
Non-members: £130.00 + VAT
09:30 - 13:00 St Helens Chamber

This seminar is designed to help individuals who are in a leadership or management position understand the factors that may affect performance and motivation in the workplace. It looks at effective communication and how this can impact motivation levels and performance.


Delegates will develop an awareness and understanding of:


• The importance of effective communication in management


• How effective communication can impact on motivation and performance levels


• The factors that may affect performance and motivation of your staff


• An awareness of the theories of motivation and how these are relevant to your workplace

11 Feb
Successful Sales Techniques
Members: £65.00 + VAT
Non-members: £99.00 + VAT
09:30 - 13:00 Remote Session

Based on over thirty years sales experience with Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s and Barr Soft Drinks, the training will introduce the principle of demand creation sharing a basic definition of marketing, how marketing links to sales and an effective sales presentation structure to deliver successful interactions with customers.

Target Audience:
• Business Owners directly involved in the selling of their products.
• New people working in sales and marketing roles.
• Sole traders and start-ups looking for traction and tools to help generate revenue.
• Experienced sales and marketing personnel looking for a refresher and new ideas.
• Classical marketing theory will be briefly outlined with an explanation of how it links to sales activities.

The group will be guided through a definition of selling and how it links to influencing and negotiating. The seminar will begin by introducing participants to a simple performance cycle based on the ideas of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude before identifying how marketing and sales activities create demand.

The Compelling Selling Process will then be introduced, providing a proven, simple structure for engaging on maximising impact will be provided, culminating in the group producing a structured customers productively. As each step of the model is developed, hints and tips compelling sell based on the seminar pre-reading.

Delegates will learn to:
• Understanding of how sales and marketing interact
• Confidence in using the proven Compelling Selling Process
• Ideas on how to build and develop each step of the process

12 Feb
Introduction to Mental Health Awareness Level 2
Members: £100.00 + VAT
Non-members: £130.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 St Helens Chamber

This one-day Accredited Introduction to Mental Health Awareness will allow delegates to gain an understanding of common mental health illnesses and be given the confidence to promote mental health awareness.

The course gives delegates the ability to spot signs of mental ill health and the skills to support positive wellbeing for themselves and others.

The course will cover:
• Understand mental health and wellbeing
• Understand how mental ill health affects the experience of individuals
• Understand the mental health continuum
• Understand ways to self-manage own wellbeing

24 Feb
Discipline and Grievance- Nip It In The Bud
Members: £80.00 + VAT
Non-members: £130.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 St Helens Chamber

This seminar gives an overview of the discipline and grievance procedure but focuses on where Supervisors, Team Leaders and First Line Managers should be getting involved – at the informal and verbal stages of the process.

We take an interactive approach to encourage delegates to consider their own roles and responsibilities within the discipline and grievance framework. This course is for Supervisors, Team Leaders and First Line Managers.

At the end of the training the delegates will be able to successfully:
• Identify the key stages of Discipline and Grievance procedures
• Recognise when to “Nip it in the Bud”
• Carry out initial informal verbal interviews regarding conduct and capability issues using a wide range of key communication and interpersonal skills
• Keep accurate records of any Discipline and Grievance issues they have been involved in working with the documentation and support provided.

25 Feb
Emergency First Aid at Work
Members: £80.00 + VAT
Non-members: £130.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 St Helens Chamber

Emergencies can and do happen, anywhere and anytime. Our Emergency First Aid course will provide delegates with essential basic life-saving first aid skills and compliance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations.

This course is nationally accredited and a certificate is included.

01 Mar
Using Excel
Members: £25.00 + VAT
Non-members: £25.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 Clickworks

Training your employees on how to use Microsoft Excel can improve your business options, as well as improving productivity, by learning the best short-cuts and formulae to use in different situations. Microsoft Excel can help your business when managing human resources, performance reporting, and operations management, by allowing staff to store information, analyse and report.

The course will cover:

• Creating spreadsheets

• Data entry

• Text and number formats

• Basic mathematical functions

• Editing cells

• Basic data analysis skills through sorting and filtering

• Using formulae to analyse data

• Making your spreadsheet secure 

Thanks to funding from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority's Adult Education Budget we are pleased to be able to offer this course at a reduced cost.

For more information or to reserve your place call 01744 742091 or email

02 Mar
Leadership: Adding Value and Leading Improvement
Members: £80.00 + VAT
Non-members: £130.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 St Helens Chamber

Delegates attending this course will learn how to; Identifying appropriate leadership styles; the importance of data; the art of delegation; effective team working; effective coaching; time management; staff climate; courageous conversations and ensuring strategic coherence.

The programme is designed to inspire, challenge and support individual leaders and managers who are actively seeking to transform their personal effectiveness and professional impact.

Delegates will learn to:
• Gain an insight/reflect on their current performance across a number of areas.
• Understand where they can add most value as a leader within their current role.
• Commit to developing their effectiveness as a leader within their context.
• Develop a clearer picture of where they can contribute more effectively to the strategic performance of their organisation.
• Explore where they can have impact they have on the motivation and performance of others.

02 Mar
Using PowerPoint
Members: £25.00 + VAT
Non-members: £25.00 + VAT
09:30 - 16:30 Clickworks

Microsoft Powerpoint is the most widely used presentation software in the world. Your employees can use Microsoft Powerpoint to update their presentation skills and the software can help with a range of other jobs as well. Whether you’re getting ready to present financials or give an end of year review, Microsoft PowerPoint can help by creating a clean, visually engaging and information–rich presentation.

Delegates will learn how to:
• Create slides
• Use text boxes, shapes, images and drawing tools
• Create excellent transitions and animations
• Make a presentation flow using charts, graphs and tables

04 Mar
Positive Influencing Skills
Members: £65.00 + VAT
Non-members: £99.00 + VAT
09:30 - 13:00 Remote Session

In a negotiation, we must find a solution that pleases everyone, because no one wants to lose and let the other win. Both must win! Most discussions that take place are not big contractual agreements but small everyday conversations. In some we must be strong, in others we must show great empathy to achieve the desired outcome.

Everyone will, at some stage, have collaborated with colleagues, family or friends to achieve an outcome. The big question is – was it the right outcome for you and more importantly for them?

Delegates will leave this course confident in their ability to:
• Project a positive presence
• Look for nonverbal signals
• Identify the possible outcomes
• Understand the psychology of the process
• Listen, in order to learn
• Prepare for a negotiation
• Recognise the 4 phases of negotiation
• Know what is negotiable
• Use a negotiation plan The best outcome is when both parties are satisfied

This course will lead you towards that preferred, win – win outcome

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