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Understanding Enterprise

6th December 2019
09:30 - 16:00
St Helens Chamber
This 7 day course if perfect both for anyone thinking of starting or who has recently started their own business. 

Throughout the course you will learn about the skills and qualities needed to start your own business as well as the importance of business planning, how to market your business and how to manage money in business. 

This course is broken down into seven workshops: 
• Skills & Knowledge: Learn about the skills and qualities needed to start your business. 

• Business Planning: Learn how to complete a business plan and describe your product, service, personal profile, legal compliance, suppliers, risks, aims and objectives. 

• Marketing (Basics): Gain an understanding of what marketing means, planning and strategy, segmentation and targeting, the 4P’s, branding, features and benefits. 

• Managing Money: Learn about what start-up funding you need, where it can be financed and how to complete your cash flow forecast.

• Business IT: Learn how to use IT in your business for marketing and finance purposes. 

• Health & Safety: Gain an understanding of Health and Safety Law, Risk Assessments, Hazardous Substances, PPE, Workplace Health and Safety, Fire Prevention, First Aid, Occupational Health, Noise and Manual Handling. 

• Marketing for Success: Learn what the term ‘Digital Marketing’ actually means, and how to incorporate Digital Marketing Skills, Social Media, Paid Advertising and Video Marketing into your business. 

Please arrange to speak to one of our guidance advisers for more information about any of the courses and to discuss your personal career plan. 

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