Work Experience

When you offer a Fast Track to Employment student work experience, you can help develop the skills of a talented young person while benefitting from their fresh ideas and insight.

Students will be carefully matched with your business and will have completed employability training, so they known exactly what to expect in the workplace – all they need is you to give them a chance to put their skills into practice!

Benefits of taking someone on work experience

  • No charge to your business
  • Extra pair of hands through busy periods
  • Gives both you and the young person time to see if you are a good fit
  • Shows commitment to supporting the local community

St Helens Chamber can support you and your work experience student throughout their placement, and can support you to take them on as an Apprentice too if they are a good fit for your company.

Hear from a work experience student:

Alex recently completed work experience at Colin Tunstall Accountants for 6 weeks to gain experience in the industry he dreams of working in.

Alex said: “Mike, my manager has trained me and allowed me to complete data analysis, I am now much more competent on Excel, I have great communication skills with customers and clients, on the phone and in person, and I have also completed bank reconciliations for large clients.”  

What does work experience involve for a business?

We understand how busy most businesses are, and you might be thinking that a work experience placement will take up too much valuable time – but this isn’t the case.

St Helens Chamber will support you to make the placement run as smoothly as possible – all we need from you is:

  • A job description; outlining the roles, responsibilities, and duties of the student.
  • Set clear expectations of the learner with regards to attendance, punctuality, image, appearance, behaviour, and attitude.
  • Ensure the duties are of good quality and not observational or mundane tasks and show progression and development.
  • Report any health and safety concerns to St Helens Chamber, including accidents and near miss incidents.
  • To report any safeguarding or welfare concerns of the young person.
  • To take part in reviews and provide feedback.

Hear from a business:

Michael Nelson, Director at Colin Tunstall Chartered Accountants took on Alex for 6 weeks and saw plenty of benefits to his business.

“Taking Alex on gave us an extra pair of hands to help around the office with no extra cost, at one of our busiest times of the year.

“The placement also provided an opportunity for the team to provide training and guidance to the work placement student, alongside increased exposure, public awareness and profile from the related marketing.”

CITB Grant for Construction Companies

If you’re a CITB registered employer, you could be eligible for a grant if you offer a work experience placement, and a further grant if you directly employ the candidate after their placement.

Into Work grant supports employers to provide the work experience element of post-16 further education courses to enable progression for individuals into the construction industry.

Businesses can claim:

£500 work experience grant paid on completion of work experience.

£1,000 employment grant paid following three-months completed direct employment, for an individual who had earlier completed the work experience. This can include employment as part of an apprenticeship.

Who can apply for these grants?

You can apply for the work experience element of this grant for further education learners where the work experience starts on or after 1 September 2023, and then the employment element once they have been directly employed staff on the payroll for three months.

Grant for three-months direct employment is only available where the individual has previously completed eligible work experience, with the same employer, while on an approved further education course.

The work experience timeframe is determined by training provider but must last a minimum of 1 week or 30 hours to be eligible for this grant.

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