Support secondary schools and young people

By getting involved in Young Chamber, businesses can take an active role in supporting St Helens community and build an effective pipeline of talent. The engagement with schools helps to bridge the skills gap, inspiring young people with the careers and opportunities open to them.
In St Helens all six secondary schools and 53 primary schools are Members of St Helens Chamber and have access to our Learning to Work and Careers programmes, including both mainstream and specialist schools.  Young Chamber Sponsors and business volunteers are a vital part of this work.

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Benefits to Schools

  • Helps schools and colleges meet Ofsted requirements
  • Provides engagement with employers and careers inspiration for pupils
  • Strategic links with local businesses
  • Work inspiration experiences – including visits to workplaces and ‘have a go’ workshops
  • Helps students learn the employability skills they need at work
  • Access to local business intelligence
  • No cost to join, fully funded by St Helens Chamber and our Young Chamber Sponsors

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Benefits for Businesses

  • Helps to meet Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Sets local young people on a path to careers and opportunities
  • Provides connection to potential work placements and future employees
  • Raises awareness of your industry and the skills required to enter it
  • Engages staff in an enjoyable activity, boosting staff morale
  • Improves the company’s reputation and builds a strong connection with your local community
  • Provides market insights gained from working with pupils
  • Opportunity to meet with other Young Chamber Sponsors on a regular basis.

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