Alfay Tax Solutions

“When we found out the benefits available from St Helens Chamber, we were impressed with the extensive service and we would recommend membership to other businesses. We’ve already discussed how to expand our business and although there are plenty of other services that don’t apply to us at the moment, they might do in the future.”

– Mike Johnson, Alfay Tax Solutions

“The support we’ve had from the Chamber has been great. Without the grant we wouldn’t have this place, the new IT equipment or the training room. It’s been a big help for us.”

– Jan Edwards, Director, Bluebird Care

4Corners Design- Business Fair

“What I found really useful was that we were able to get to know companies before the event via social media, using the event hashtag and even taking that forward and linking to them on LinkedIn.

“Before I’d even got there I’d had discussions with people on the stands near me, it was nice to put faces to names and develop relationships via social media before the event. It was nice to feel we already knew the people around us.”

– Claire Birks, 4 Corners Design

Chloe Evans, C & O Powder Coatings Ltd

“Very informative. I learnt how cookies are used online. Also had a refresher of how to use Google forms and mail merge.”

– Chloe Evans, C & O Powder Coatings Ltd

Graham Conway, Conway Control Systems Ltd

“I felt we really dropped on our feet with the Chamber, the adviser pointed us in the right direction and then everything just seemed to fall into place. I would definitely recommend St Helens Chamber and the Business Growth Grant.”

– Graham Conway, Conway Control Systems Ltd

Growth Programme gives Golden Environmental Services a boost

“I am grateful to the Chamber team for guiding me through the support programme application. I have confidence that the new marketing strategy will help me to achieve the growth in a share of the workplace services industry that I am looking for.”

– John Erskine, Golden Environmental Services

Longworth, Ben Parker

“I couldn’t recommend the Business Growth Programme highly enough. The ease of working with the Chamber, accessing information and ways you can improve the company has been excellent.”

– Ben Parker, Longworth Building Services

Pimmies Pies is filling jobs thanks to Chamber business support

“The Chamber’s advice and forecasting proved invaluable when it came to applying for the grant. The process was straightforward and we’re hoping to see continued growth.”

– Arthur Bevan, Pimmies Pies

Kevin Poole, NHS

“Info given was clear and adaptable to any job role.”

– Kevin Poole, NHS

Mark Saunders, Approved Power Services

“The whole process was very straightforward. The Chamber staff guided me through each stage and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and seamless the project went. The grant was massive help to us as company, and I would most certainly recommend it to other businesses.”

– Mark Saunders, Approved Power Services

Iain Jennions – Jennions Macken Ltd.

“The Enterprise Greenhouse was ideal for a start up business. Nearly five years here has allowed us to work in a professional setting with the added benefit of what’s included in the lease like furniture, IT etc.”

– Iain Jennions – Jennions Macken Ltd.

Expansion success for Big Bog Brewery

“The grant process was incredibly straightforward, unlike other grants I have encountered in the past. We received support and guidance from Geoff at the Chamber every step of the way and the application was made really easy for us.”

– Paul Jefferies, Big Bog Brewery

3B Coaching receives support for growth from St Helens Chamber

“The Chamber is a welcoming environment where I feel supported and encouraged to develop my business at my own pace.

“The staff at St Helens Chamber are so friendly and helpful and I feel that I would not be where I am now without their help. I know the Chamber will continue to support me as long as I need.”

– Claire Ross, 3B Coaching

Develop networking skills

“Networking at the Chamber has been a foundation for going to other networking events. I’d highly recommend Chamber events to anyone who is new to business.”

– Howard Jackson, Open Door Multimedia

Janet Boyle- Century Cars

“The process of getting help from the Chamber was brilliant, and we were given help and guidance over where and how we could start to expand.

“We’ve worked with the consultant on our new website and it will be going live at the end of next month. The consultant has done a fantastic job for us, and once we started to work with him we had every confidence that he would deliver what we needed.”

– Janet Boyle, Century Cars

Annie Lawrenson – CommunicArt

“Since becoming involved in the Business Growth Programme with St Helens Chamber I now feel more confident I am heading in the right direction for my business to grow.

“I was able to share my own concerns and explore areas I felt I needed to develop but it was great having support form Helen Morris who gave a fresh perspective and valuable guidance based on her professional expertise and experience.”


– Annie Lawrenson – CommunicArt

Retro Chimps

“The insight we got from the programme has made us re-evaluate the whole business. We’ve been able to take stock of what we actually do by breaking down how we see the business then building it back up from the foundations. It’s given us renewed confidence in the business. Although we had custom we were at a bit of a standstill and didn’t know what to do next. Now we can go to the next level.”

– Hughie Brennan, Retro Chimps

Alice Mason, Biking Bookkeeper

“I find myself lucky to be in St Helens so I can access the level of support that St Helens Chamber Members are provided with. The legal advice has also been very useful, paying a solicitor costs a lot of money, when I called I got the help I needed for my Membership fees.”

– Alice Mason, Biking Bookkeeper

Jaspers Catering – Business Fair

“Having our name associated with anything to do with the Chamber is always great, due to the good reputation the Chamber has attached to it. I know that when I pay money for a stand that it will promote us really well. I didn’t expect to be on the front page of the Star but that was an added bonus!”

– Nick Blake, Jaspers Catering

Sarah Williams, Accord Legal Services

“I would absolutely recommend Chamber Membership, I would say to anybody running a business or who is self-employed that the backup and support you get in addition to the opportunities it provides is essential. I think anybody who is running a business is absolutely daft if they don’t join and utilise the Membership benefits you get!”

– Sarah Williams, Accord Legal Services

Quality Bookkeeping

“When we got our Chamber Membership it was like opening a gift box. The Chamber provide so many benefits such as legal assistance and an HR service. When I saw what Membership offered I thought ‘Okay, we can relax now’.”

– Emily Johnson, Quality Bookkeeping

Greg Colley, Suave Aerial Photography

“St Helens Chamber have been great and the support I have received has continued to meet the high expectations I have of the Chamber as a whole. The Business Growth Programme is just one part of a range of excellent services.

“Programmes like this are the reason that the Chamber has recently received the Chamber of the year award. I would definitely recommend the programme to other businesses looking to grow.”

– Greg Colley, Suave Aerial Photography

Business Financial Planning boost for new local company

“The Chamber has been a massive help in setting up the new business. I can’t stress how much of a big help they’ve been.

“Setting up would have taken a lot longer and John’s advice and support helped us stay on track and reach key milestones throughout the process.

– Tommy Frodsham, Tailored Financial Planning

St Helens Business Fair 2016
– Martin Winders, Poplar Service Printers

Janice Mears LEP- Business Fair

“Overall I thought the event was really good. It’s great to see how it’s expanded from last year and we’d be happy to continue supporting the event.”- Business Fair 2017

– Janice Mears, Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Louise Fortune, Business Fair

“I didn’t know what to expect as I have never exhibited at an event like this, but was overwhelmed how friendly everyone was and helpful too. Talking to other businesses has opened my eyes to more opportunities to expand my own business and I am very glad I came down!”

– Louise Fortune, Ridiculously Rich by Alana