Work Experience

Work experience is the best way of enabling young people to get a flavour of what life is like in the world of work.
Students benefit greatly from their experience, such getting up early and travelling to work for an eight hour day, as well as being given more responsibility and treated like adults.
You and your business could play a valuable part in helping to develop the next generation of workers – and there are lots of benefits to you.
Your business could benefit from taking part in the work experience programme by being able to boost staff development through working with young people. It is also an effective way of raising your company profile by demonstrating ‘Investor in People’ status within the community.
Employers also have the opportunity to widen their recruitment pool while motivating young people to gain the necessary skills to work in their industry.
Students really benefit by having the opportunity to apply learning to an adult working environment. It also helps to develop their initiative, personal, social skills and decision-making and get ready to enter the workforce.
This makes their training or education more relevant to working life and motivates their efforts to attain and achieve their qualifications. With improved industrial knowledge students are better able to make the transition between education and employment and become valued employees.
We are regularly looking for work experience placements for young people we work with aged 16-24.
For more information about offering a work experience placement contact us on 01744 742045.