Learning to Work Programme

St Helens Chamber is committed to making sure every young person in St Helens is ready, willing and able to contribute to our economy and community.

The Chamber has developed a range of programmes that connect businesses to schools to help bridge the gap between education and the workplace, highlighting the exciting and rewarding careers available to our young people.

Research shows there is a growing gap between education and employment. By getting involved in our programmes, businesses can take an active role in supporting their local community and building an effective pipeline of talented and inspired young people who are informed about the careers and opportunities open to them.

St Helens Chamber strongly believes every school pupil should have opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace to complement their academic qualifications.

Making the transition from school to the workplace is arguably tougher than it has ever been, but sharing your career journey and insights with young people in schools, your unique industry knowledge and experience could make a difference to the options a young person considers for their careers.

Our Learning to Work Programme provides primary school children with an awareness of the employment opportunities that will be available to them, when they leave school. We are extremely passionate about the work we do and the impact we have on the lives of young people.

The programme has been designed to meet these demands in one of the most challenging times for young people to succeed. Our aim is to create these aspirations early in life by working with primary schools, to help pupils progress through difficult transition points from education to employment and give them realistic guidance towards self-identified goals.

Through the support of our Sponsors and volunteers we provide:

Career Talks: Businesses engage with students about their career journeys/pathways, highlighting the ups and downs and various routes they can take when starting their career. Explaining the day-to-day workings of businesses and the variety of roles available.

Mock Interviews:  Young Chamber helps prepare students for interviews when they leave education; whether for jobs, apprenticeships or university. Feedback can be given to students on how they can improve, boosting their confidence so they can improve their performance in future interviews.

Enterprise Days:  By allowing students to visit our offices and factories, they are able to get a feel for how businesses run and what day-to-day life in the world of work is really like. Students are able to engage with employers and find out more about their business; it allows students to understand the qualifications and skills they will need to enter the world of work.

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What difference does it make?

“The Learn to Work programme links together many aspects of the PHSE and the National Curriculum. It ensures that children have a thorough grounding in money matters, business enterprise, working creatively and developing resilience. St Helens Chamber has produced a programme which links with the National Curriculum and prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.”– Helen Lee, Headteacher, Oakdeane Primary School

“The sessions that you delivered to both year 6 classes, were excellent. The children thoroughly enjoyed them and took a lot from them.
“I thought that having relatable, successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople really engaged them (especially when they realised their net worth). The game they then played relayed all of the relevant information that they had gathered in the session. It was a fun, engaging and insightful session that really benefitted ALL children.
“I spoke to a student and this is what they said about the session: “It was fun because I learnt new things about how successful businesses run.” – Niall Harmer, Year 6 teacher, Sherdley Primary School 

To find out more about the Learning to Work Programme and how your business could get involved, please contact Katheryn White on 07936 372874 or email

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