Learning to Work Programme

St Helens Chamber is committed to making sure every young person in St Helens is ready, willing and able to contribute to our economy and community. Part of this contribution should be that they each have an awareness of the employment opportunities available to them, both in St Helens and beyond its boundaries.

Young people should have ASPIRATIONS to achieve gainful employment at the highest level of their potential. With the right training and education they should have the SKILLS to meet the demand from employers and the RESILIENCE to bounce back when things do not work out.

The Learning to Work programme has been designed to meet these demands in one of the most challenging times for young people to succeed. Our aim is to create these aspirations early in life by working with primary schools, to help pupils progress through difficult transition points from education to employment and give them realistic guidance towards self-identified goals.

It is imperative that young people understand the importance of their education in the context of their working life. Their education is a pathway to their career, and experiences and personal qualities will shape their future employment. In order to achieve this we work with a number of local primary schools every year to support them with their careers and enterprise education.

Our services for Years 5 and 6 include:

  • Business, Enterprise and Finance
  • Primary Enterprise Game
  • Why work and what is a job?
  • Innovation
  • Why work? I could be…
  • Careers Carousel

We are regulary looking for volunteers from local businesses to support our activities in primary schools, this could be simply talking to children about your job or even being a judge at one of our events.

What difference does it make?
“The Learn to Work programme links together many aspects of the PHSE and the National Curriculum. It ensures that children have a thorough grounding in money matters, business enterprise, working creatively and developing resilience. St Helens Chamber has produced a programme which links with the National Curriculum and prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life."– Helen Lee, Headteacher, Oakdeane Primary School

To find out more about the Learning to Work programme and how your business could get involved, please contact Natalie Armstrong on 01744 742131 or email natalie.armstrong@sthelenschamber.com
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