Opportunities for Schools

Research shows that the gap between education and employment still exists despite the many projects and goodwill amongst schools and employers to reduce this gap.

St Helens Chamber has a long tradition and excellent track record in helping young people into employment through our training programmes.

With a network of over 1000 business Members, we can help schools and colleges tap into their knowledge, skills and experience.

We know that developing the right skills, attributes and experience is critical to a successful future for young people, which is why we have developed a package of services especially for schools and colleges called Young Chamber. Young Chamber Membership will help put your school at the heart of the business community and provide opportunities to showcase your school and the value of your services to local employers.

About Young Chamber Membership

Young Chamber is a national approach currently delivered by over 30 Chambers of Commerce across England.

In 2016/17 we helped over 200 young people to find a job or training after they had completed one of our training programmes. We also invest in young people's Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare so we know how to support young people and believe that together we could help your pupils achieve their future careers, aspirations and fulfil potential.

Our Young Chamber package provides a flexible menu of activities and benefits for your school, staff and pupils. We appreciate that you may already be involved with some of the activities and therefore with our flexible package you can choose what best suits your needs and complements your aspirations.

Click here for details of the packages available.

Opportunities for schools include:

-Young Chamber

-Learning to Work Programme

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Tracy Mawson on 01744 742020 or email tracy.mawson@sthelenschamber.com