Recruitment Services

Helping you build a winning team
As well as training your current workforce, St Helens Chamber can also help you to find new recruits. Through our employment programmes, we work with a wide range of people who are looking for work and we can help take away some of the hassle of recruitment by putting you in touch with people who meet your needs.

Fast Track to Employment Programme

As an employer, you can get involved with the Fast Track to Employment Programme in a number of ways, at no cost to your business – through hiring Apprentices, offering work experience or sharing your insights.

For more call us on 01744 742333 or visit our information page.

Facebook Jobs Group

Our Facebook group is open to any local businesses who are looking to fill their vacancies. Either join the group and post directly, or send a link via email.

To find out more email or click here to join.

Work experience

Your business could benefit from taking part in the work experience programme by being able to boost staff development through working with young people. Employers also have the opportunity to widen their recruitment pool.

To find out more about work experience placements in your business contact or click here.

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