Video Production Services for St Helens Chamber SHC 2019/Q04

Ref SHC 2019/Q04
Expression of Interest closing date 20191025

St Helens Chamber is the most successful organisation of its kind in the UK.
Currently the Chamber has an annual turnover of £5m and a staff of 120. Our strength is that we have moved beyond the typical ‘Chamber of Commerce’ model, and have recognised the role that the private sector can play in the broader community, particularly in an area which has high levels of unemployment and a relatively low business density. Our core mission is “To support our Members and enhance the economic success of St Helens businesses and people”.

Our business delivers four main functions:
Business – we aim to boost business performance by delivering a range of business support.
Enterprise – we aim to inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by bringing businesses and schools closer together and we deliver an effective business start up programme for anyone wishing to set up a new business.
Employment – through our employment arm, Starting Point, we offer help and support to unemployed people and young people to find work, and offer help to employers with their recruitment.
Training – we help to develop the workforce to its full potential by providing bespoke training solutions meeting employers’ needs, many of which are free of charge or subsidised.
2. Specification and Scope
The Chamber requires a range of videos to be produced for use as an Educational Resource for Schools in St Helens.
The intention is to film our Primary Education Co-ordinator delivering a number of our learning to Work workshops:

  • Year 4 Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Year 5 Business Enterprise & Finance
  • Year 5 Why Work? What is a Job?
  • Why Work? I Could Be…The Chamber has been procuring video production services for a number of years, during which time a professional house style has been adopted, which must be maintained or enhanced by the appointed supplier.
    Requirements will be subject to demand and the Chamber cannot guarantee any fixed volumes of work being placed with the appointed supplier.
    The appointed supplier will be required to attend video shoots at various schools around St Helens. A member of staff from the Chamber education team will attend the shoot, however all suppliers should be able to work from a supplied brief without supervision from the Chamber.
    3.Evaluation Criteria & Weightings
    The evaluation criteria used to assess all quotations received in response to this brief will be as follows:
  • Cost and value for money
  • Tender Response Information
  • Testimonials and examples
  • Member of St Helens Chamber
  • Any other information you feel sets you apart from other suppliersEvaluation Criteria

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    . Suppliers must provide an hourly rate for their services detailing rates for filming and post production work if these differ.

  • Proces quoted should be inclusive of travel expenses.
  • All quotations will be evaluated on the basis of the “most economically advantageous proposal”
  • The Chamber is not bound to accept the lowest price (or indeed any) quotationNotes on pricing
    1) All prices quoted shall be based on the current market conditions and will be expected to be upheld for the duration of the contract should the supplier be successful and asked to complete any of the above
    2) No quantity or continuity of work s guaranteed to the successful supplier and this should be taken into account when preparing the quotation
    3) All prices quoted should be exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)

    5. Quotation Information Required
    To Respond to this quote please fill out and return the attached quotation response. Click here

    6. Instructions to Bidders
    Suppliers intresrted in completing this work should provide a written quotation within the quotation response no later than 4pm on Friday 25th October 2019.

    Quotations should be submitted by email to