The Supply ONLY of Signs and Banners – St Helens Council

Ref DN464743
Expression of Interest closing date 20200306

The Supply ONLY of Signs and Banners – St Helens Council 

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Your company is invited to supply a bid for the Supply ONLY of Signs and Banners for a three-year period, with an anticipated start date of 1st April 2020, on behalf of the Council’s various Client Departments. All requests will be called off by the Strategic Communications Team as and when required. You are advised that performance of this contract will be in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions of St.Helens Council. Tenderers are asked to supply costs for various types of signs and banners used as standard in a large organisation / industrial environment.

Estimated contract dates

Start date – 28/04/2020
End date – 31/03/2023

Buyer – St.Helens Council
Contact – Joanne Waddilove
Email –

Expression of interest end date – 06/03/2020 12:00