TC451 Provision of Transport Service for Manchester Schools Swimming Programme

Ref DN605435
Expression of Interest closing date 17/05/2022

The service to be provided comprises the safe and secure transport of school children on a daily or otherwise determined return journey basis, between school and swimming facilities on specified dates during school term times only for the contract period, all as determined by the tender documents and attached schedules and the MCR Active School Swimming Programme.


Region(s) of supply: Greater Manchester

Estimated contract dates:
Start date- 13/02/2023
End date- 31/08/2025

Expression of interest window:
From 05/04/2022 12:00 to 17/05/2022 11:00


Buyer: Manchester City Council
Contact: Louise Savage
Telephone: 0161 234 4346
Fax: 0161 274 0013
Address: Room 407
Greater Manchester
M60 2Jr
United Kingdom