Student Transport – Warrington Area (Academic Year 2017-18)

Expression of Interest closing date 20170421

Carmel College Warrington Transport tender 1718

Please click here to view full Tender Information Pack


Carmel College (referred to as the College) wish to appoint a Contractor(s) to
provide Student Transport to the College as set out in this Invitation to Tender pack. Please click on link above for full information.
1.2 The duration of the contract will be one year from commencement of the
agreement with the option to extend for a further 4 years in 1 year increments.

1.3 The requirement is set out in the Service Specification, Part 1, Schedule D of this
invitation to tender.

Your tender must be received by noon on Friday 21st April 2017.

It is Carmel Colleges aim to complete our tender evaluation in such time that we can notify tenderers of our intended award decision by Friday 12th May 2017. There will then be a standstill period (of at least 10 days) prior to a final award being made. The
details relating to the application of the standstill period will be provided in the
intention to award communications.