Soft Market Testing – Contracts Management Database and Service Specification

Ref DN605928
Expression of Interest closing date 22/04/2022

TfGM is seeking to engage with the market through this questionnaire to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the market and available technology that could support a reformed bus market in Greater Manchester specifically for Contracts Management Database and Service Specification. Potential organisations are invited to respond to the questions concerning the proposed service to be procured. Responses to these questions may be used to inform our commissioning approach if TfGM go to tender and are looking to the market to assist.


Region(s) of supply: Greater Manchester

Estimated contract dates:
Start date- 06/05/2022
End date- 06/05/2022

Expression of interest window:
From 05/04/2022 13:00 to 22/04/2022 12:00


Buyer: Transport for Greater Manchester
Contact: Ioana Maier
Telephone: 0161 244 0846
Address: 2 Piccadilly Place
Greater Manchester
M1 3BG
United Kingdom