Single Party Framework Agreement for Cleaning equipment for buildings 2022 to 2024 – Knowsley Council

Ref DN624071
Expression of Interest closing date 19/08/2022

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is looking to receive quotations from bidders for a Single Party Framework for Cleaning Equipment for Buildings. For a full specification for this opportunity, please register your interest. Suppliers are advised to clarify any points of doubt or difficulty relating to the documentation before submitting their response. Any queries should be submitted through the question and answer function via The Chest (Pro-Contract) e-tendering system. Please refer to previously asked questions before asking a question as duplicate questions will not be answered. Both questions and answers will either be made public on The Chest or responded to directly to the originator depending on the content. It is your responsibility to ensure that the completed submission is uploaded successfully on The Chest by the deadline specified. Bidders are advised that the deadline set out above is absolute. You are advised to upload your submission well in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical issues that might arise causing you to fail to meet the deadline which would lead to the rejection of your submission. The Council is conscious that Bidders spend a huge amount of time, effort and expense in putting together a submission and is keen to ensure that no bid is rejected for this reason. In submitting your quotation you agree to contract on the Council’s own terms and conditions. Due to the Council’s obligations of fairness and equal treatment to all bidders it cannot accept amendments to its terms and conditions or alternative terms and conditions. If you seek to amend the Council’s terms and conditions or submit alternative terms and conditions the Council may reject your quotation.

Region(s) of supply


Estimated contract dates

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End date


Expression of interest window

From 22/07/2022 16:00 to 19/08/2022 09:30


Knowsley Council


Carol Glover



0151 443 4939


Huyton Municipal Building – 1st Floor



L36 9YZ

United Kingdom