Schools ICT Support Market Engagement – St Helens Council

Ref DN332858
Expression of Interest closing date 20180426

Schools ICT Support Market Engagement – St Helens Council

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Opportunity Id:  DN332858

Description:  The current School’s ICT support contract ends in July 2019. The contract provides support for all primary (55 sites), secondary (7 sites) and special schools (3 sites). The contract also covers an alternative provision site, the Children’s Home. Some exceptions to this are a few academies that have sourced alternative arrangements.

This is a fully managed ICT service contract in supporting over 20,000 connected devices and approximately 3,000 teaching and non-teaching staff within the borough of St Helens.

Some details relating to the Fully Managed ICT Support Contract: – • Managed Desktop/Mobile Devices (Laptops, Desktops, iPads and Peripherals) Support Services • Contract Performance Management and Monitoring, liaison with Council’s Business IT section • Centralised Services – LA’s SIM test server, Anti-Virus, End-Point protection, Patch Management, Content filtering, Firewalls, LAN Support, Management of O365, authentication with the on-premise Active Directory, Wireless, Backups (Service Continuity), VPNs, Apple Devices, MDM, Security, Encryption, PSN connections, Internet connections, edge devices (network devices), bandwidth management, VM and storage management • SIMS – Management Information Software used in schools, user support, software updates, B2B data transfer with Capita products, liaison with Council’s System Support Team if required. • SIMS conference/Roadmap and ICT Road Shows • O365 Training (TEAM, Yammer, Security Related Issues, GDPR) • Learning Platform (Moodle) (Mainly High Schools) • Procurement, Asset management, disposal of any ICT equipment • OFSTED support to schools • Reactive, proactive & remote support services • Currently 48 schools opt-in for a technician to attend site half a day per week to undertake Pro-active Support.

The half day pro-active support includes the following duties :- o Provide advice and support to school staff in achieving basic ICT skills o Provide advice to school on ICT related procurement o Liaise with 3rd party ICT suppliers where applicable o Installation of new software or equipment purchased by the school o Carry out minor repairs and maintenance on any ICT equipment • Hardware and curriculum software installation • Audio and visual support, advise and maintenance, liaison with Council’s Building Services section if required • ICT strategic planning, hardware & software refreshment and budget planning with schools • Representatives to attend any meetings when required • Relationship management with each school (Managing Expectation) • ITIL Service desk approach (Online and Phone) ISO27001, • Technical liaison with Council’s Business IT section if required •

There are approximately 35 full time employed staff who will be subject to TUPE.

Buyer:  St.Helens Council
Contact:  Jack Bate
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Address:  St.Helens Council, St Helens WA10 1HF