Responsive Repairs Contract – St Helens Council

Ref DN404795
Expression of Interest closing date 20190520

Responsive Repairs Contract – St Helens Council

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Description:  The service is for the provision of a reactive maintenance and 24hr emergency call out service for school properties and public buildings. The appointed team will be offered the opportunity to quote competitively for planned works projects up to £5000 in value The responsive nature of this service means that the value of work cannot be guaranteed in total value for any single year nor can the resourcing requirements or works value be guaranteed on a week by week basis. The value will be dependent upon available client budgets within the cycle of a financial year and general day to day maintenance requirements.

In the previous year the public buildings and school works have been approximately equal in value, totalling approximately £1 million in total value. The Council is in addition considering the feasibility of including the reactive maintenance requirements of the Church Square shopping Centre within this contract, the financial value and requirements of this facility are at this stage undefined The Council will consider the options of awarding the contract as a single Lot or as two separate Lots, schools and building public building estate Selection/Award Criteria The service will be procured on a price/ quality basis. The pricing element will be based on cost plus arrangement with rates established for a range of individual specified trades and activities, not otherwise provided by framework contracts,the key principle being to demonstrate that the successful team is delivering a value for money service for the Council and its customers. The selection process will include an interview.

Key Dates:  Estimated Contract Dates

Start date – 01/07/2019         End date – 30/06/2023
Contact Details:  Buyer – St.Helens Council
Contact:  Jim Rooney
Telephone:  01744 673312
Address:  Wesley House, St Helens WA10 1HF
Expression of Interest Window: 16/04/2019 15:30 to 20/05/2019 17:00