Requests for Quotation – Constellations Brand And Website Development – Liverpool

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Requests for Quotation – Constellations Brand And Website Development – Liverpool

Request for Quotation


Greenland Venue Management UK – GVM(UK) is a mixed use venue management company based in Liverpool, established in February 2014. We create, build and manage inspiring spaces and events dedicated to promoting art, music, culture and business.

To achieve the mission statement above GVM(UK) focus on creating and nurturing spaces for people to socialise, create, deliver and experience events together. From these spaces GVM(UK) produce innovative and inspiring events to further connect people through shared interests.

These events cover a broad spectrum of topics and themes, some fun, some serious, all designed to a enhance a place’s and space’s vibrancy and celebrate all aspects of community interests, a wider society and it’s rich and diverse cultures, fashions and trends.

Underpinning GVM(UK)’s business proposition is the company’s commitment to creating spaces and events that are sustainable with long lasting social and economic value. GVM(UK) currently provides the following services:

1. The provision of hireable event space
2. Event management and consultation
3. Co-working space for creative SMEs
4. The provision of food and beverage

The company own and operate Constellations. A landmark venue in Liverpool’s burgeoning Baltic Triangle – An area home to some of Liverpool’s most successful and prominent creative and digital businesses.

Constellations was developed in phases, built entirely by hand, using local companies (mostly Baltic based) with a DIY aesthetic at its heart. This approach resonates through the day to day running of the business and this friendly and unassuming approach has attracted some of the city’s most loved grassroots events, establishing Constellations as one of the city’s best loved arts, music and culture venues. Within the first three years of trading, Constellations has built a solid and loyal customer and client base and is taking regular bookings 12-18 months in advance.

Now Constellations is established, profitable and sustainable GVM(UK) want to grow the company. To do this we are pursuing a number of opportunities, including opening a second venue in Liverpool towards the end of 2017. This will be called Hinterlands.

Our Strategic Goals:

• We would like to increase the company’s local market share and build stronger brand awareness nationally. To do this we’re opening a second venue called Hinterlands, focused on national and touring event agencies.
• We want to continue to strengthen, support and champion the Baltic Triangle as an attractive place to host events by increasing the flexible venue space offer for companies to do business. • We want to convert more of our current event enquiries, meeting the demand not currently being met for large scale arts and culture events in the city.
• We want to harness the potential for tourism within the Baltic Triangle by creating better strategic partnerships with national and large-scale event agencies. And other, similar venues across the country.
• We want to help expand the current mix of multi-venue events already existing within the Baltic.
• We want to secure more property in the area to drive the growth of the Baltic Triangle as a thriving neighbourhood.

Introducing Hinterlands:

Hinterlands will offer brands, businesses, and event agencies the opportunity to host events and meetings in a completely unique space. The new venue will primarily position itself to attract customers from outside the city. Primarily but not exclusively focusing on the creative, digital and retail sectors. There is no better place for this than the Baltic Triangle.

Alongside this, Hinterlands will host local music and community events, weddings and private events in any one of its three independent spaces. Hinterlands is a sprawling complex consisting of an ‘Event Hall’, a ‘Theatre’ and ‘Annex’, Hinterlands will offer customers a malleable creative space in which they can realise their ambitions.

Similarly, to Constellations, Hinterlands is a converted warehouse building. With standing room of 1200, it is suitable for everything from gala dinners, conferences, meetings, expos, awards, networking, corporate events, photo shoots, weddings, private events, live music and club nights. All of this will sit alongside a carefully curated entertainment programme that opens the space up to the public.


• We’re seeking the development of a new brand and website for our new venue called Hinterlands.
• We also need to upgrade our current Constellations website.
• To build two websites that make use of current technologies, make it easier for customers to find out about us and make enquiries.
• To put the websites at the centre of our digital marketing strategy – embracing social media, content management, Google Adwords, or equivalent and email marketing.
• We want to bring the two brands and websites in line with each other. Each will have their own identity but the functions will be the same and we would like to
• To help us fulfil our growth plans and continue to meet our strategic goals into the future.

In summary, we need three things:

1. A new website for Constellations
2. A new website for Hinterlands
3. A new brand for Hinterlands

Our current Constellations website lacks the functionality we need to run all areas of our business efficiently. Our digital marketing strategy has often been restricted by our website design. For example, we currently do not have a news, stories or blog section. Making it hard to display offers and updates used to drive new traffic to the site.

The current format doesn’t allow us to introduce the new features we require. Which is really important to us. Having the ability to change the home-page layout, add videos, artwork, offers and a shop is necessary for our future growth.

We want to align our brand, business and digital marketing activities cohesively, to become a streamlined business that is in a stronger position to expand our operations and introduce new revenue streams. Through this tender we want to explore how we can use our website to do this. The Constellations and Hinterlands websites will need to have almost identical functionalities with different branding, typefaces, tone of voice and layouts. Therefore, it’s important we can have as much control over the site as possible. Even changing the layout of the home page to suit the objectives of the company. We have made a list of some of our priorities, functions and features we’d like to be included on both the Hinterlands & Constellations websites. 1. Customer Experience We want to improve the user experience and encourage people to visit our website for longer, doing more whilst they visit. Our customer experience is a big priority. Protecting and enhancing the experience is paramount to our survival as a business. It creates loyalty, this in turn provides us with positive reviews and testimonials, often passed on through word of mouth, it is a big part of our marketing mix. Each time a customer visits our physical space we aim to leave an impression worth talking about. It’s important we do the same with our online presence. Above all else, we want our customers to know we understand the value of their experience. 2. News & Blog We want the website to host news and articles we produce ourselves that resonate with our customers and potential visitors to the city. When a person visits a city for leisure, they will often research things to do and places to visit beforehand. We want the Constellations websiteblog to be where aspiring visitors land when searching online, a trusted information resource that allows people to discover more about Liverpool’s independent businesses and what the city has to offer, all told from our perspective as a destination. Constellations is seen as landmark in the Baltic Triangle and as such is a talking point. Our brand awareness is already increasing throughout Liverpool through our other marketing channels but by producing interesting online content we want to build on this, extending our brand awareness across the UK. Converting our readers into visitors to the city and customers for Constellations. 3. Images and Video We want to use the footage and photography we have gathered over the last three years to represent the venue’s features and spaces more accurately. Creating an overriding impression of an independent space that is unique and creative and has a fresh take on how to host events. NM2 RfQ V5 May17 Making it the perfect alternative for all styles of events. We want to showcase the venue and our achievements in higher definition, bringing to the forefront the versatility of the space. Currently, we do not present our images in the best fashion and it’s difficult to navigate on our current website, which often lets us down. By being more selective with our image choice and displaying this effectively we can shape how the user sees the business and this will improve our sales pitch, more specifically to our ideal customers; which are businesses and event organisers with larger budgets to allocate. 4. Optimisation Optimising the website so we’re featured as the number 1 listing on Google when searching for Constellations. At the moment, our SEO is not great and does not reflect our efforts as a company. This is not something we explored with our previous designer. By uploading regular content, a key word strategy and a series of targeted Google Ads, or equivalent we want to increase our presence on Google, placing us as a hireable space in the North West. We want to work with a company who can help us optimise the website and content. As a direct result increase our hires during the daytime and quieter periods. 5. Easy To Update The business is always evolving, as a result we need a website that can respond to our needs and is simple enough to update by multiple users. It’s also important we can upload media for our customers to download and view offline, this includes, a digital brochure advertising our hire services and food and drink menus for events such as weddings and conferences. 6. What’s On Guide An essential update to the website is the What’s On section. At the moment, this is cumbersome to use and doesn’t provide the customer with the information required without multiple clicks and scrolling. We’re looking for a new format that allows the customer the ability to download the event details into their own calendar and is easy to follow, read and book tickets or a table. 7. Analytics Producing tailored analytic reports with data that is decipherable and useful to the company’s growth. At the moment, we have not been provided with any information about how our website is currently performing. Going forward, regular reports which can inform our decisions about how to increase returns from our ad campaigns and convert more enquiries into confirmed bookings would be useful. 8. Future Developments The website improvements will make way for future developments. Including an online shop for selling tickets, branded clothing and other merchandise. Other features we’d like to add is the ability for customers to book events, meeting space and tables without the need for an administrator. Exploring ways we can automate the entire process. Allowing us to take more bookings; whilst keeping the overheads costs the same and increasing our profit margins. Features to be considered Here is a list of some of the features we feel should be included on the websites. This is not an exhaustive list. We would like the winning company to also make some suggestions based on the brief outline above. • Logo and branding throughout – using correct colour palettes and design features. • A unified tone of voice and good use of friendly and attractive language – Not too stuffy or traditional • A useful and accurate search facility – most websites we’ve viewed do this badly • Log-in section for event customers to upload their own content to the ‘What’s On’, whilst remaining true to the layout and branding – photos, links, tickets, biography • Customisable/animated introduction text and images for the home page • A showreel • Conversational interface for enquirers to get a response immediately or for us to update readers on latest, news, offers and events they might like • ‘What’s On’ section • Sign up function – this needs to be prominent but user friendly – no popups • ‘Stories’ section – case studies about events we’ve hosted • ‘Trusted By’ section – with logos, images and testimonials • ‘Blog’ section – with authorship, images, links and possibly the ability to populate with advertisements as well as being able to give access to other users for guest blogging • An online shop – this won’t be populated until 2018 • Calendar – with different views – calendar view, list view • Site plans and visualisations – we have 3d maps of each venue to add to the websites • Gallery section – For all our high-resolution images, that is easy to update, resize images and loads quickly • About section – to add company history, mission and staff photos and contact details • RSS Feeds for stories and blog section • Food & Drink section – high quality images and a place for any of our offers, ‘street-food’ vendors to add their branding • Follow Us links – LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram • Recruitment section • Downloads section • Press section • Integrations to book show rounds, export events into personal calendars, share content on social media NM2 RfQ V5 May17 Hinterlands Branding We’re looking for brand development for our Hinterlands event space. The branding needs to include: Brand guidelines; Colour palette; Logo; Typeface and; A brochure The design needs to be completely bespoke and represent our company values and target customers. Whilst being contemporary, playful and creative. We would like the brand to directly reference some of the design features within the building, the materials it uses and physical design features; such as the colonnade style entrance and play on perspective. Primarily the Hinterlands event space will target business customers but not exclusively. The majority of these will be from the creative, digital and retail sectors. We want to be able to target household names and popular brands we’re all familiar with. Working with companies and brands that understand the importance of event marketing for the ‘experience economy’. The types of customers we’ll work with are: • Professional event agencies • Freelancers and SMBs (sectors such as creative and digital) • Brands with similar customer demographic • PR companies • Experiential marketers • Live music curators • Exhibition organisers • City wide festivals • Wedding planners • Business networking organisations and charities • Photography and film producers looking for competitively priced space for their next shoot Hinterlands will be housed within a complex called Northern Lights, a recent development that has seen the transformation of 45,000 sq.ft of disused warehouse space. Situated within the Cains Brewery site. The warehouse has been split into affordable studios for artists, designermakers and creative businesses. The Hinterland event spaces will be at the centre of this newly built creative community. It will sit alongside neighbouring businesses including the city’s best digital agencies, cafes, restaurants and shops, some well-established, some recently opened. In 2017 Independent Liverpool, a successful local business launches their purpose built permanent food and drink market space, making the area around Parliament St, Stanhope St and Mann St a popular destination for visitors. The Hinterlands venue will comprise of three blank-canvas spaces. A 21m x 9m space called Theatre, A 19m x 32m Event Hall and a 11m x 10m Annexe.

Deliverable Time Scale Commencing end-September with design signed off by mid October and completion by the end of November – Approx 8 weeks in total

Indicative Budget £10,000

Proposal Format Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission Proposals are required by 26th September 2017 either electronically or by post/in person to: Jordan Barbrooke, Constellations, 35-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L10BS Date Published 13th September 2017

This work is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund