Request for Quotation – Website Development – St Helens

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Request for Quotation – Website Development – St Helens

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The Company

Willowbrook Hospice is an independent charity established in 1993 by local people to raise funds to build and run a specialist palliative care unit. Willowbrook Hospice building, located in Prescot, opened in 1997, cares for patients with life-limiting diseases living in St Helens, Knowsley and the surrounding areas.

A hospice however is not just a building, it is a way of caring for people. The hospice aims to improve the lives of people who have a life-limiting or terminal illness, helping them to live well before they die. Hospice care not only takes care of people’s physical needs but looks after their emotional, spiritual and social needs as well. It also supports carers, family members and close friends, both during a person’s illness and in bereavement. Its function is truly at the heart of its community.

Within the Hospice there are three distinct main functions

Clinical – responsible for all aspects or physical and emotional care of patients and their families.
Fundraising – A commercial arm of the hospice responsible for income generation.
Trade – The independent retail arm of the Hospice that operates retail units and a warehouse for commercial revenue.

The Project

Willowbrook Hospice is at the heart of the community of St Helens and Knowsley. The past 12 months has been one of the most challenging periods in the history of the organisation but the hospice has evolved and adapted with a future focus on maximizing its online presence and commercial revenue through digital channels.

The hospice has undertaken an internal review of the existing website and consequently wishes to redevelop its online presence. This review has been conducted by key personnel across the three main function areas, board trustees and members of the executive director team. The review included research into best practice from other hospices and care based charitable organisations which has assisted us in formulating requirements for this project.

The Hospice is all about people: The patients, the nursing staff, fundraisers, volunteers and the local community of St Helens and Knowsley. As such, we envision the new website to have a people-centric approach, with storytelling is central to the content.

The website needs a clear identity, with consistent theme, effectively communicating its services in an empathetic way to patients and their families as well as empowering and inspiring the local community to support Willowbrook.

The details below are minimum requirements of this project but we encourage bidders to use their expertise to bring ideas, suggestions and added value to their proposals.


Navigation / Menu

Easy Website Navigation – including clear routes to donating, getting involved as a fundraiser and to volunteer.

Existing web pages and thus a site map will need to be restructured. For instance, the trading company arm will no longer require a single page for each retail unit, with information centralised for ease of use.

Our preference would be small top line menu and simplified navigation structure. Examples can be provided for bidders on request. Website users would include (but is not exclusive)

a) Potential hospice users or families seeking information about the hospice care and treatments.
b) People seeking information on how to donate or support the Hospice
c) Information for Health professionals
d) People seeking information to donate clothes or goods to the Trading company outlets.

A more detailed site map will be discussed with shortlisted companies, but for costing against scale the existing website should be utilised as a gauge


Clear and informative content with human-centric messaging. Storytelling must be central to the website strategy with powerful, emotive stories and content being central to the Home Page and where possible throughout. Patient, Fundraisers, Volunteer or Staff Case Studies may be included.

Overall there needs to be a consistent positive, tone of voice across the website, focusing on the work of the organisation.

Bidders are encourage to demonstrate how they would ensure core messaging would be used across all functions to greatest effect.

Fundraising / Events

The website needs to become a hub for fundraising.

We are keen to see a centralised fundraising page that will serve as a focus to empower the local community to run their own fundraising events. This area of the website should allow the community to register their own events and contain all tools to do this. We would like the website to be a vehicle to mobilise and advertise fundraising opportunities and events.

Examples will be provided to bidders on request.

Content Management

We would require an easy-to-use content management system enabling key Willowbrook staff to update multi-media communications (news, articles and in particular video content). Bidders are encouraged to include basic training for key staff on content management once website is commissioned.

Social Media Integration

Willowbrook would like to maximise all opportunities in its locality by utilising social media. We are open to bidders’ suggestions on best practice website social media integration to enable campaigns to be delivered efficiently.

Ecommerce / Trading

We would like to include a small online shop within the website enabling the hospice to maximise online revenue. Trading company information to be more succinct, but focused on engaging the community to visit retail outlets and donate to warehouse. Recommendations on this are welcomed.


We are keen for community supporters to be able to submit stories and multi-media information to the website. Guidance on this development and best practice is welcomed by bidders.

Mobile Friendly

The website must be mobile friendly and scale appropriately for all the main viewing platforms.


Consistent graphical representation throughout the website aligned with the Willowbrook Brand. Human graphics to represent the diversity of the community Willowbrook serves.


Potential requirement for infographics demonstrating how and where fundraising revenue is spent. We would like to demonstrate specifically how supporters’ money benefits the community and impacts lives.


Willowbrook have a few different versions of logos, branding advice to create a single logo and message is welcomed. Please note this is not a full rebrand, rather advice on existing brand versions.

Technical & Support

Your proposal should detail the technical platform the website is to be built on and relevant website security. Please provide options for hosting and any future website support as a secondary option.


Requirement for appointment booking on website where patients and community can book on to sessions. Room hire planner to be incorporated.

The Hospice is keen to utilise video to deliver educational information and potential deliver virtual tours, using the website as the primary conduit. Please note bidders are not expected to provide video services at this point. This is merely integration of media that will be provided.

Deliverable Timescale

We expect the project to commence no later than 19 July and to be completed by 15 October 2021

Indicative Budget

Maximum Budget – £12K

Evaluation Criteria Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Cost 30 % – Value against detail provided in the proposal is the primary evaluation.

Clarity of proposal @ 20 % – Bidder shows deep understanding of hospice requirements and delivers a clear strategy to deliver the website.

Marketing / Added Value @ 20 % – Bidder demonstrates within proposal innovation, added value or significant understanding of delivering strategic aims of the hospice.

Technical Understanding @ 20 % –  Bidder demonstrates experience and knowledge of similar website delivery.

Timescales @ 10 % – Completion

Bidding Timetable

Submission Deadline – 1700hrs on Monday 7 June 2021

Shortlist Notification – 18 June 2021
Presentation 8 / 9 July 2021 (format to be confirmed)
Contract Award 13 July 2021

Please submit any enquiries, relevant questions and proposals to

Conditions of Tender 

  • Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.
  • You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises.  This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.