Request for Quotation – Website Development and Design

Expression of Interest closing date 20191108

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The Filter Design Company (FDC) design, manufacture, and test high-quality filtration devices to remove unwanted/harmful airborne contaminates and/or matter for international and UK OEM clients. The markets into which we supply include pharmaceutical, medical, respiratory protection and military. We also design, test, and install automation solutions. The current clients for the company’s automation services are all within the filter industry, and we are the only business globally (that we know of) to provide filter-specific automation development services. However, FDC’s engineering expertise can be applied to ensure client automation requirements are met in any sector. Additionally, we offer a consultancy service, through which external companies who are in need of filtration systems can receive professional and informed design advice. Finally, we supply into the personal protective equipment (PPE) market with the innovative full-face mask and half mask respirators, together with a range of filters under the brand name of ‘Corpro’. Corpro is a new and encouraging venture for FDC, and there is already global interest surrounding the brand’s products since the launch in 2017. With the addition of Corpro’s soon-to-be released, ground-breaking ‘Electronic Fit check system’, the business has the potential to revolutionise the way respirators are worn and controlled.
We stand out against other businesses as our focus is on quality. We do not sacrifice quality in an attempt to reduce business costs, as end-user health is our number one priority. Additionally, as we provide a wide and unique range of services, our offerings are truly comprehensive in addressing all filtration needs. Accordingly, our worldwide reputation is now one associated with excellence, expertise, and reliability.

We acknowledge that the current website ( does not communicate the high-quality message that we wish to project. It does not generate many enquires and the majority of feedback we have received revolves around the website being unattractive and uninspiring. Hence, we wish to work with an external company to develop and design a new website which conveys that FDC are high-quality and care about individuals’ safety. Our strapline is “Everyone Deserves Clean Air”, and we want this to stick in the potential customers’ minds. We have recently registered a domain name for the new website (, and it is our intention to redirect individuals who visit the old website to the new one (and eventually, after a transitional period, the old website will be removed).
We are looking to have between five and ten main pages (plus any subpages) on the website (including the homepage), with the following being essential (although they can be renamed):

  • About
  • Products and Services
    * Filters
    * Automation
    * Consultancy
  • Careers
  • News/Blog
  • Contact

We are open to suggestions regarding other potential pages, including how to split the main pages further e.g. if it is thought that the ‘About’ section would be better in subpages, such as ‘Our Mission’ or ‘Meet the Team’. It is important to mention that we will be unable to mention any of our customers by name; so, although ‘case studies’ would be possible within the products/services section, we are limited in what we can advertise. Furthermore, we would not necessarily like to split our products/services into ‘Sector’ categories, as our products/services can cross industry boundaries.

In terms of the design/imagery, we do not want to show machines/filters on the homepage. We want to emphasise the idea of clean air, and how we are providing individuals with clean air. Imagery should therefore revolve around nature, open space and cleanliness, and filtration/machine imagery should only feature within the products/services pages if it is appropriate. We would like to discuss the best way of progressing with the photography with the chosen supplier. The logo is pre-existing, and the colours featured in the logo are greens, greys, whites and blacks. Hence, we would want the website to follow a similar colour scheme. As FDC have a number of accreditations which customers are interested in, we would also like a section on the homepage which shows all of our accreditations. To summarise, the most important things to accentuate through the design are ‘clean air’, ‘high quality’ and ‘safety’.The following website features are essential:

  • User-friendly CMS system (and associated training for individual(s) within FDC), as we will need to add blogs/news/updates and edit the site on a regular basis;
  • An optimized website which is aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use on both desktop and mobile;
  • Capable of hosting video/movement and an area for long-form copy (perhaps a blog/news page);
  • Good internal links e.g. if we posted an important news story in our blog section, that should be visible on the homepage
  • Social media handles and easy-to-add social media links;
  • Both “click-to-contact” capabilities and a contact from on the “contact” page
  • Although we do not need eCommerce capabilities at the moment, we are going to be releasing an own-brand product in the next year or so – hence, ecommerce capabilities need to be either be integrated into the website but hidden from the consumer and easy to make visible, or training needs to be provided so a member of the FDC team can add eCommerce capabilities at a later date

We are also interested in

  • Website hosting and maintenance;
  • Enhanced initial SEO (not a monthly subscription)

FDC would also like a copy of the website on a USB/CD, for disaster recovery purposes.

Important to note: Although ‘FDC’ has been used as an acronym for ‘The Filter Design Company’ throughout this document for ease of reading, the company does not want any mention of the acronym on the website. We are trying to move away from this due to the acronym’s association with logistics company.

Deliverable Timescale

Project to commence ASAP and to be completed within 3 months.

Indicative Budget

This work will be part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.  The project falls within the £2,500 – £24,999 bracket and therefore, under current Public Procurement Regulations, there is no formal tender procedure but a detailed written quotation is required.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Cost (40%)

Demonstrable skills and understanding of the industry sector (30%)

Understanding of the brief/clarity of quotation (20%)

Delivery timescales (10%)

Scoring Methodology

4 Excellent – Proposal meets and in some places exceeds the required standard

3 Good – Proposal meets required standard

2 Acceptable – Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or inconsistent in others

1 Poor – proposal falls short of expected standard

0 Unacceptable – Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not provide the relevant answer

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals for consideration are required by 5pm on Friday 8th November 2019 electronically to

Date Published

22nd October 2019.

This work is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
Conditions of Tender
Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.

  • We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.
  • You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises.  This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.