Request for Quotation – Website Design & Marketing – St Helens

Ref A2SS - Pyramid Distribution
Expression of Interest closing date 20180517

Request for Quotation – Website Design & Marketing – St Helens

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Pyramid Distribution Ltd are a refurbished hardware distributor base in St Helens Merseyside.

Established in October 2000 we supply professionally factory refurbished IT Hardware to the the B2B market.

Our current web shop is a pure ecommerce website, I need a new front-end information website to help me to promote and provide information about my refurb business, I want to combine the new website with marketing to create leads for my internal sales team. I would like to brand the website using the brand “SecondLifeIT” which pyramid own the trademark. I would like to link the current ecommerce website to the new site. this is a company who does similar to what we do.

Eventually the website will be connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for orders, stock, lead gen and marketing.


Pyramid are seeking a consultant to help with the following:

Build a new information website, link the ecommerce to the new site for sales.

Make the website mobile friendly.

Create support for social marketing, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Deliver a targeted marketing campaign to deliver leads and opportunities based on the launch of the new website.

The critical success factors will be the development of a website and social media strategy that:

Provides new opportunities and leads that enable Pyramid to capture good leads for the sales department.

Increases brand awareness of the SecondlifeIT brand.

Allows easy and efficient ways of updating the website with new content and updates.

Works on all mobile devices across all mobile platforms.

Provides improved search optimisation for brand.

Critical success factors will be the development of an effective marketing strategy

Attract the companies desired target market

Improve the number of sales for the online shop

Provide on-going support and development

The project will be deemed successful when Pyramid has a website that accurately characterizes its brands, skills and technologies to a wider audience, and is accessible using all available browsing platforms completing an improvement in the current website traffic and conversions.

Deliverable timescale – Project to commence ASAP 

The website should be completed within 3-6 months. This should include. (email marketing strategy, lead generation strategy, linked ecommerce, social media strategy)

The shop and ecommerce for UK market within 6 months.

Estimated budget: 

This work will be part funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The project falls within the £2,500 – £24,999 bracket and therefore, under current Public Procurement Regulations, there is no formal tender procedure but a detailed written quotation is required.

Evaluation Criteria – Quotations will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Cost (40%)

Understanding of my industry sector and target audience (30%)

Understanding of brief quality of quotation (20%)

Delivery timescales (10%)

Scoring methodology

4 = Excellent – Proposal meets and, in some places, exceeds the required standard.
3 = Good – Proposal meets required standard.
2 = Acceptable – Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but not all.
1 = Poor – Proposal falls short of expected standard
0 = Unacceptable – Completely or significantly fails to meet the required standard.

Proposal format – The proposal should clearly demonstrate how the requirements set out above are met.

Deadline and Submission 

Submissions for consideration are required for close of business on Friday 17/05/2018 either electronically or by post/in person to;

Mr James Cooke
Pyramid Distribution Ltd
Caleb House
Abbottsfield Road
St Helens
Merseyside  WA9 4HU

Email    Telephone 01744 457700

Date published 

This work is to be part funded through the European Regional Development Fund