Request for Quotation – Website Creation – Daresbury

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Expression of Interest closing date 20180416

Request for Quotation – Website Creation – Daresbury

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Project to be delivered: Website Creation


Asset Handling has strong ambition to accelerate its growth and for this reason is working with Sci-Tech Daresbury as a partner in the Liverpool City Region – New Markets 2 Programme which is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

This programme will part fund the work requested below and hence accelerate the impact arising for Asset Handling.

Asset Handling provide a range of products and technologies that turn data into useable information so you can make informed decisions based on real insights that affect all areas of your business.

Our range of products help businesses proactively improve efficiencies and maximise investment. Asset Handling ensures success by hosting and deploying solutions which fully support your organisation, its processes and its overall strategic objectives.

Our products target specific business challenges such as the management of assets, resources, projects and risk. All of our products are supported by a consultancy service to ensure data is captured at the right time and is made available to people who need it.

That means we can seamlessly deliver a full service to our clients, reducing costs and improving operational performance. We have a need to increase brand awareness and web traffic and feel that a new website, covering our Asset Insight Manager (AIM) product and access to an SEO expert will us to do this.

Why this work?

Asset Insight Manager has undergone massive redevelopment and is capable of more than we have previously marketed. We need to get awareness of the new functionality out to potential clients. We need SEO to help us drive more traffic to the site to do this.


The goal is to source more leads and therefore more clients for AIM


A key strategic aim of the company is to grow by 1 major client for AIM in the next year. Greater brand awareness makes this goal more achievable.

Specification for Quotation

Design, build, develop and publish new website Design and build of an ROI calculator for the website Purchase/verify/install/configure SSL Certificates and redirect traffic to HTTPS Implement latest SEO practices Managed Webserver space and Bandwidth for Website Hosting (Annual) Domain Hosting (Monthly) maintenance and SEO reports.

Deliverable Timescale End of May 2018

Indicative Budget – We expect quotes to be up to £6,500 and draw your attention to the evaluation criteria below.

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Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 16.04.2018

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Date Published: 04.04.2018

Response to questions arising from this RFQ: All questions that are raised in regard to this RFQ and the relevant answers supplied will be published to all companies that have submitted quotations.

Date of Notification: All applicants will be notified by email whether they are successful or not by 27.04.2018