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The Adore Group is a place where innovation, creativity, strategic thinking, business acumen
and investment live. There are three key aspects to Adore Group: our people, our services
and our brands. One of our brands is “Meet Sean O’Neill”, the purpose of which is to offer
mentorship and guidance to like-minded, business-focussed individuals, offering solutions
built on the personal and credible experiences of Sean O’Neill, a Liverpool based, successful
entrepreneur and the CEO of Adore Group.


To truly reflect the purpose of the Meet Sean O’Neill brand, we require a new website to be
built which explains what Sean can do and how Sean can help fellow businessmen through
mentorship, knowledge and guidance. The Meet Sean O’Neill offering from the Adore Group
is credible, and the chosen supplier should be able to accurately reflect this throughout the
website. The website itself should be built in WordPress and be responsive for mobile use.

Along with the website, we also need a Digital Strategy to be designed and implemented. By
this, we mean we require the chosen supplier to work with us to establish digital aims and
objectives for Meet Sean O’Neill, producing new brand guidelines and identifying our target
audience whilst simultaneously outlining exactly how we can reach the objectives through our
digital channels. In terms of our current channels, we have various social media accounts.
These, along with the new website which will be built as part of the project, will require regular
and engaging content to be created, in the form of written copy, video, photography and
podcasts. We would expect the chosen supplier to meet with us – and particularly Sean –
regularly, providing frequent reports on the reception of the Meet Sean O’Neill brand, giving
feedback and making suggestions for future content for our approval, as well as consulting
with us regarding overall engagement strategies to generate leads via our digital channels.

The chosen supplier should have demonstrable ability in web design, as well as overall
branding. They should be able to nurture and grow the brand over the course of the project.
They should also have demonstrable ability in content creation, specifically video,
photography and podcasts and be able to edit them for use across all digital channels.

Deliverable Timescale

Commencing October 2022, completion within 6 months

Indicative Budget

Up to a maximum of £20,000 is available.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Quality/ Technical Merit (50%)

Supplier must demonstrate they have the technical and professional capability to deliver the

Delivery Timescale (20%)

Supplier must demonstrate they can deliver the requirement to timescales above.

Cost/Value for money (30%)

Does supplier offer value for money. This will not necessarily be the cheapest quote.

Scoring Methodology

4 Excellent Proposal meets and in some places, exceeds the required standard

3 Good Proposal meets required standard

2 Acceptable Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or
inconsistent in others

1 Poor Proposal falls short of expected standard

0 Unacceptable Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not
provide the relevant answer

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 20th September 2022 either electronically or by post/in person to
Andrea Finegan on