Request for Quotation – Web Redevelopment and Upgrade – Liverpool

Ref LGH160
Expression of Interest closing date 20170807

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Xdex Limited specialise in the design and installation of interior and exterior festive lighting and Christmas decorations for commercial properties, open public spaces and private residential properties.

We are the only Christmas company of its kind in the UK and have established a national network of dedicated and fully functional and operational branches to serve those who take up our offering. Our installation teams are thoroughly professional and dedicated to ensuring that our Christmas decorating service exceeds all client expectations.

Our factories in the Far East manufacture the very highest standard of Christmas decorations and the most up to date LED Christmas lights using the latest technology in energy saving and safety. We also manufacture our own design of bespoke Christmas decorations and props here in the UK.

For many years our single biggest source of enquiries has been through our website, in recent times we have slipped down the rankings for some long tail and short tail search terms. Many people now type in the words to search engines as though they were speaking the terms and this is now encouraged through speech recognition software.


Website re-development and upgrade We are looking to update our website which has remained the same for the last 3 years. Xdex Ltd operates on a national basis via 41 branches who T/A The Christmas Decorators, every branch can serve a client within a 45 minute driving radius.

• The website must contain a link to a separate page for every branch
• Each page must be “on brand” with the correct contact details
• The visitor to website must be able to enter their postcode to be directed to the appropriate branch page serving the clients location.
• Each individual page should contain a short profile/Bio and image of the local project manager
• Each branch should be able to access their own page via a unique username and password to upload current content, news, case studies and images.
• The unique username and passwords must be controlled from HQ
• The website must be optimised for all the current and common longtail and short tail keywords that are being used by people searching the various search engines.
• It must be compatible with all available browsers and platforms
• The incorporation of Speech recognition software is desirable

Deliverable Timescale

The project must be started by August 2017 and launched by September 1st 2017 when the enquiries start to build up.

Indicative Budget Maximum £10,000

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission Proposals are required by Monday 7th August either electronically or by post/in person to Ged Comerford on or by post to Xdex Limited, A1-A3 Speke Business Park, Sprint Way, Liverpool, L24 9AB.

Date Published 26/07/17

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund