Request for Quotation – To Provide Café and Catering Services – Location St Helens Chamber Ltd

Expression of Interest closing date 29/07/2022

Request for Quotation – To Provide Café and Catering Services – Location St Helens Chamber Ltd

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St Helens Chamber is inviting quotations to provide café and catering services in St Helens Chamber, Salisbury St, Off Chalon Way, St Helens WA10 1FY.   Our intention is to contract a café/catering service to start from 05/09/22

Please complete in line with the structure set out below and return as a pdf or Word document to this email address:

Please also use this email address for clarification questions.


Deadline for Clarification Questions (5pm deadline)  Wednesday 20th July 2022 
Return of Quotation (5pm deadline)  Wednesday 29th July 2022 
Short listed companies will be invited for interview prior to decision.  w/c 8th August according to availability. 


Scope of Service
Response Structure
Agreement and Signature 


Scope Of Works

To supply St Helens Chamber with high quality catering for our visitors, colleagues, tenants and learners, by utilising our dedicated cafe, which is part of our 27,000 sq. Ft. purpose built 3 storey building in St Helens town centre. 

The Cafe contract will be awarded for a period of 3 years and is subject to 3 months’ notice on either side. 


All queries relating to this request for quotation shall be addressed, before 5pm 20th July 2022, to:

Instructions to Quoting Companies

Quotes must be submitted in accordance with these instructions and any further instructions contained in other documentation issued by the Chamber.

Non-compliant or incomplete Quotes: Quotes will not be considered if any of the requested information is not supplied with the Quotes.

Quotes will be received as a document attached to an email sent to before 5pm on Friday 29th July.

The Chamber does not bind itself to accept the lowest Quotes or any Quotes at all and reserves the right to accept the whole or part or parts of any Quotes. The Chamber shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the Contractor in preparing the Quotes.

Prices should be shown as £XX+VAT i.e. exclusive of the VAT.

Confidentiality of Quotes: The quoting company must not inform anyone else of their price or details of their proposal.   The only exception is if you are required to obtain an insurance quotation then you may give details of your bid to the insurance company or brokers, if needed.

Prior to contract award, discussing this RFQ with or attempting to influence Employees, Members and the Board of Directors of the Chamber is prohibited.  

Trading names/invoicing:  Where invoices will be rendered by, or payments made to, an entity whose title differs in any respect from the company name in which the Quotation is submitted, full details must be provided in the Quotation. 

Except where the Chamber considers that questions are not material to the procurement process and the fullest understanding of its objectives, clarification questions (anonymised) and their replies will be available on

The Chamber reserves the right, at its discretion, to request clarification in writing, or further relevant information, from any quoting company during the decision process.  

Evaluation Criteria
Our evaluation will be weighted as follows:  

Offer of service  40% 
Experience and testimonial  20% 
Value for money  30% 
Base in relation to St Helens and Membership of St Helens Chamber  10% 


St Helens Chamber

An inspiring social enterprise creating opportunity and success in our community.

We are a large and dynamic Social Enterprise, with a long history of helping the business community create prosperity and opportunity in and around St Helens. The Chamber is a unique organisation, a private sector not-for-profit, that works with local businesses, partners and the community to contribute to inclusive growth and regeneration.

The purpose of St Helens Chamber is to identify and help drive activities which contribute to social, economic and environmental development, making our place better through living our core values of Giving A Voice, Leading Edge, Driven by Quality, and Supportive. Our role gives a voice to local business, as the creators of prosperity and opportunity, and supports our Members, local businesses, and residents. Our services inspire people to start and grow businesses, successfully start and progress their careers, and give back to their community to inspire others.   By delivering our strategic objectives we are able to create substantial Social Value.

We are proud that St Helens Chamber is an award-winning high-quality organisation, well-respected as a delivery partner, and led by a private sector Board, all supported by the highest level of business Membership in the UK relative to our business base.    We have clear objectives and priorities to deliver to the highest levels of quality and to ensure our sustainability as an organisation, enabling us to continue to deliver our Mission.

The Chamber works with a range of clients, from young people in school and those working towards an apprenticeship, to those wishing to set up their own business through to those running large national businesses. The building will therefore be used by a range of client groups and will provide a welcoming environment for all. 

Key statistics

800 Members
115 Colleagues
Chamber building: 12-15 tenant businesses in ground floor offices
80-100 business events / seminars / training p.a.
300+ learners visiting the Chamber for courses throughout the year. 

For further details of the Chamber’s role and activities visit 

Scope of Service

St Helens Chamber wishes to commission a café and catering service to provide refreshments for colleagues, tenants, visiting Members, other visitors, our learning community aged 16+, and all visitors.  The service is required to provide catering for a range of events including breakfast meetings, half and full day events, evening networking and training events, and provision for young people. We hire our facilities to external companies and want to offer them a high quality, competitively priced on site catering service to support their meetings and events.

Opening times are likely to be in the region of 8am to 4pm.  The cafe covers approximately 1420 sq ft. There is a dedicated food preparation and serving area of approximately 325 sq. Ft. There is the capacity for around 70 covers in a modern ‘coffee shop’ environment.    Catering equipment and furniture is in place.

The Chamber does not anticipate having to pay an annual subsidy for the cafe to be operated. We believe the catering requirement should generate sufficient turnover for a business to operate without the Chamber needing to pay a subsidy. 

Questions to be answered in the Quotation:

Describe your organisation’s previous experience of providing catering services similar to those required by the Chamber.


2a: your suggested offer
2b: any innovative elements you propose
2c: the credentials you have to deliver this service.

Set out your expectations of the role and responsibilities of the Chamber in the proposed contract, and any expected resource demands on the Chamber.    

Pricing proposal.

Response Structure

The proposal must be structured as follows:


Outline of response to Scope of Service required (questions 1-3 above).
Details of the staffing ratio and staff expertise you propose to utilise.
Proposed pricing structure (question 4 above).
Completed and signed Agreement table from section 5.
Appendix: One written testimonial from a business client.

Please ensure your response is no more than 10 A4 pages.

However, you may provide any additional supporting information in a separate attachment.