Request for Quotation – Strategic Sales and Marketing Programme to Support New Product and Service Development – Warrington

Expression of Interest closing date 20170825

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Request for Quotation: Micro Computer Consultants Ltd (MCC)

Strategic Sales and Marketing Programme to support new product and service development.

Overview:  Established in 1981, Micro Computer Consultants based in Warrington are Apple authorised resellers that create and deploy solutions for the education, business and public sectors. Its services include installation, technical support, training, repairs and security engraving. It works with its clients to find the best solutions working with them to integrate and deploy the right technology into their organisation.

The company is very strong in the education sector and in particular schools. The education sector accounts for circa 50% of company’s revenue and can present better margins particularly where technical support and training is required. Education work can be variable with busy periods taking place when procurement decisions in the sector are made.

We see huge opportunities for significant growth going forward for the IT sector within the education landscape but also increasing competition. We need to develop a sales process and a committed team that can understand the challenges we face and work on and identify the right channel for sales opportunities.

Following discussions at board level regarding the strategy for the sales and marketing, we can now outline our requirements for the sales and marketing department including the positioning of the individuals involved.  The requirement is to develop the leadership and management skills of the senior sales team by a series of one to one and group sessions. There is also a need to up skill in sales acumen so as to be strong in identifying opportunities for new customers but to also grow the existing customer base. We expect an outcome of turnover of around £30, million in this current financial year, a significant increase on last year’s core business.

We also expect a sharper senior sales management framework delivering substantial job creation along the way.

Requirements:  A specialist leadership & management executive coach is required to support the development of the sales & marketing team and subsequent marketing plan.  Preferably someone who focuses on strategy, with experience of a sales environment.

It is envisaged that this will focus on four levels:

1.  The creation and development of a sales manager to support the sales director
2.  The development of the wider senior sales management team (four people minimum).
3.  A sharp focus on developing our service offering to include training and servicing contracts across all our existing and new customer base.
4. Developing a wider network of repair capacity

It is hoped that this development will allow our business to accelerate its growth through developing new practical skills of the team and take an innovative approach to our sales process and additional product offering.

As our business, has been operating since 1981 we feel this project will provide an opportunity to challenge our current approach and stimulate fresh thinking that will enable us to scale the business and break down barriers as we seek to become more focused on what specific growth sectors can move us closer to our goal. We envisage that the support will be delivered through a blend of tailored one-to one sessions in addition to group workshops.

Key deliverables

Design a robust sales process delivering high performance sales results;
Review the current sales strategy and dismantle inappropriate functions;
Develop a disciplined sales team delivering high customer expectations and robust sales management;
Keep and grow the core customer;
Identify the channel to grow new sales to also capture additional products;
Leadership& Management development for the senior sales & marketing team leaders;
Develop the sales team and create at least 4 new sales consultant positions;

It is hoped that this development will allow our business to accelerate its growth through developing new practical skills of the team and take an innovative approach to our sales process and product offering.

Deliverable Timescale:  We are ready now to launch this strategic support therefore the project is expected to start in early September 2017 and must be completed by end November 2017.

Estimated Budget:  Based on initial research MCC expects that the consultancy support required for this project to fall within a band of £,500 – £24,999. Budgets have been set aside to support this project and with this in mind, we are pursuing funding support from the St Helens Chamber. We will therefore be inviting competitive tenders for interested potential partners.

Interested parties should submit a written proposal and quotation to explain their proposed approach, provide examples of relevant past experience and give details on how they will ensure strong alignment with our expectations and outcomes.

Proposal Format:  Proposals should clearly demonstrate how the prospective partner is able to deliver the project goals and fulfil the requirements set out above.

Deadlines and Submission:  Proposals for consideration are required by: 5.30pm on Friday 25th August 2017, either electronically or by post to:

Dave Bond – Managing Director, MCC Ltd, 31 Earle Street, Newton Le Willows  WA12 9LW