Request for Quotation – Strategic Planning and Sales & Marketing – Macclesfield

Ref GH5979
Expression of Interest closing date 20170814

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Tender NameStrategic Planning and Sales & Marketing

Business Name: Decipher Consulting (UK) Limited

Reference: GH5979

Description of Service required: We are a construction consultancy; our business is headquartered in Macclesfield and has offices in Manchester and London. There are recognized business opportunities to grow our business significantly.

The growth ambition of our senior team is to grow Decipher Programme Management to £1.5m by 2020 and Decipher Consulting to £3.5m by 2020, so doubling turnover to in excess of £5m. In order to achieve this, our senior team have recognized the need for a structured, strategic approach.

A step change approach to how we market the group is required.  Our senior team sees that a three year strategic plan and a detailed sales and marketing plan are required in order to properly take the business to the next level and to address issues of lack of awareness in the industries within which Decipher operate.

We have limited expertise in sales and marketing. This project will help the business to understand its shortcoming and to build appropriate capability in the business in this area. This is a key building block in taking the business on its journey towards doubling turnover and building the team.

Developing the right marketing strategy will also meet one of our major challenges to attract the right calibre of staff as supply and demand for good people makes it very challenging to recruit the resources required to deliver the level of business growth. Raising awareness of our business across the Construction sector will have the knock-on effect of attracting higher quality potential recruits.

Closing Date: 12pm on the 14th August 2017

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund