Request for Quotation – Public Sector Tender Support – Liverpool

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Expression of Interest closing date 20170828

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Request for Quotation – Public Sector Tender Support – Liverpool

Background: Bennett Safetywear Ltd, established in 1937, is a Merseyside-based SME which manufactures and supplies personal protective equipment, especially high-performance hand protection, to industry, the military and the emergency services.

A significant amount of its business (approximately 30% of turnover) is derived through Ministry of Defence contracts and public-sector Framework Agreements, several of which are due to mature in the next few months. Products supplied to the MoD are manufactured in-house, whilst the manufacture of those products supplied to the emergency services is generally sub-contracted to partner factories in the Near East.

The company has successfully tendered for projects over many years, but has a critical tender to complete and submit by October 2017 for a key UK based customer.

Project Requirement: Bennett Safetywear is seeking assistance from a bid writing and bid management consultancy to help them submit a high quality and fully compliant tender prior to the deadline of 13th October 2017. In addition, the company also has additional bids to submit later in 2017/early 2018 and wants to be best prepared for these opportunities in advance of them.

The initial tender is being submitted to Leidos Supply Ltd, operating on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence. The contract being tendered for is for the supply of a range of knitted protective gloves to suit the MoD specification required.

Note for reference: Bennett Safetywear have a long and proven track record of previous supply to MOD for such products, manufacturing a range of gloves

Project Scope: Bennett Safetywear is seeking to engage a consultancy to assist them with the following key tasks to take this project forwards to a successful conclusion and to provide the company with additional support to prepare them for additional tender submissions expected later in 2017 on separate projects:

Phase One –  Reviewing all company policies and company background information needing to be submitted as part of the Pass/Fail requirement of regular tenders. This process includes making suggestions for improvement where necessary to ensure company policies are fit for purpose in terms of tender submissions.

Phase Two Background reading of this initial tender submission ITT (Invitation to Tender) and then bid strategy creation in partnership with Bennett Safetywear Limited.

This key element will include the following:

• Creation of an outline bid plan for the project
• Creating a response plan to enable the company to successfully create answers for the following questions:

• MGT 01 – Risk Management (10% Weighting)
• MGT 02 – Supply Chain Management (30% Weighting)
• MGT 03 – Manufacturing Planning and Resilience (10% Weighting)
• MGT 04 – Lead Times (30% Weighting)
• CSR 01 – Sustainability and Social Accountability (5% Weighting)
• IN 01 – Continuous Product Improvement (5% Weighting)
• IN 02 – Added Value Proposals (10% Weighting)
• In addition to these above questions, Bennett Safetywear wish to review their arrangements and future responses on business continuity arrangements, including policy review.
• Provision of an informal workshop with key Bennett Safetywear Ltd staff to provide ideas and stimulus for content creation in line with the above.
• Assisting Bennett Safetywear write up their responses for the tender submission.

Overall Project Goal The aim of this project is to provide Bennett Safetywear with sufficient support to enable them to provide a strong tender submission and to improve their knowledge and understanding of how to respond to future tender submissions.

The company is not looking for a consultancy to manage the entire bid process or submit any bid on their behalf. The goal of the project primarily is to ensure the company is responding to quality and process management based questions in a style suited to scoring the highest marks possible at all times.

Deliverable Timescale 01.08.17 – 15.10.17
Indicative Budget £3,000 – £4,000

Proposal Format Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 16.00 28.08.17 either electronically or by post/in person to Bennett Safetywear Ltd, 7-11 Mersey Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 3AF. Email : Fax : 0151 924 6548 Date Published 9 th August 2017

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund