Request for Quotation – Provision of new Website, Video and Photography, PR and Content – Liverpool

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Expression of Interest closing date 20180121

Request for Quotation – Provision of new Website, Video and Photography, PR and Content

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MGISS, based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool city centre, was founded in 2014 and delivers a full range of geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, analyse and visualise spatial data.

With a growing team (currently 6-7) and a doubling of turnover in 2017, the company equips professionals with the latest hardware, software, comprehensive support and training programmes, independently advising on what’s best for the project. This allows organisations in the Infrastructure, Environment and Energy sectors manage their assets more efficiently.

Our core revenue streams have developed more within consultancy services, independent technology advice and larger digital transformation projects. We therefore require marketing support in the form of a new website, video and photography and PR and content support to reflect our messages consistently across all MGISS digital communications.

Requirement:  MGISS is tendering a contract to fulfil several marketing needs running until 31st October 2018 which is the end of our financial year. The contract is made up of a new website, video and photography provision and PR and content support.

Website:  MGISS is commissioning a new website as we grow out of the start-up website we began with.


• Show us as knowledge leaders (perception) • Make it easy to buy products and services from us • Drive behaviour • Capture info to generate leads/sales • Show our success stories • Decision tree – leading people to the answer

Key Audience:

• Prospective customers or clients • Existing clients/returning customers • Members of the press • Prospective employees.

However, we are open to discussion on what we could name these sections or whether some cross paths with others.

Technical/Non-functional Specifications:

Through discussion we established that we all like The Gem web theme (wordpress) which can be manipulated in a number of ways. Gem Themes we liked:

• The Gem Church • Gym and Fitness 2 • Transport and logistic template • Perfect Business Consulting

Website elements:

• Easy to update/change ourselves • Simple language • Easy to navigate/use • Include video • Include links to Grafi Spatial Hub from website • Include downloadable content • Include digital ‘try and buy’ (Like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Need to consider software licensing requirements and control.) • Include online demos (Such as How-to videos) • Include software update downloads • Have live chat or tech support info • Define Resources (Resources include downloadable pdfs videos etc. How best could these be termed?) drop down menu? • Ecommerce – while we are not looking at this immediately, we would like the site to have the capacity to include it.

What style look and feel do we like?

Here are our thoughts:

Have a question on the home screen • Professional look • Contemporary • Include animation • Balance of text and pics • Zoom effect • Team pics • Parallax effect • Can we utilise the CSS files? • Need to use a mobile friendly framework • Include javascript • HTML 5 Framework • Clean and classic • Decision trees (leading the person to the answer) • Matrix effect • Movement • Video • Big pictures • Clear sections.

Websites in our industry we like:

• • • • Esri UK

Our Competitors

• Korec • Positioning Resources • 1Spatial • Leica • TopCon • Pear Technology • Kaarbontech

Video and Photography:

Through video and photography MGISS wants to raise awareness of the company, its solutions and offer.

Building on what has already been achieved through the corporate video, we would like to further develop our use of video to create content to tell stories across our three target sectors Infrastructure, Energy and Environment.

This would include the use of:

• How to videos – both product based and presenter-led • Product reviews • Case studies/success stories • Prospective solutions targeted at a particular sector

The use of video needs to:

• integrate with the other marketing and PR tactics in place • Show us as knowledge leaders (perception) • Make it easy to buy products and services from us • Drive behaviour • Capture info to generate leads/sales

We would like to see video content used in for social media, on our website and at events.

PR and Content

In a similar way, MGISS would like support in creating PR and content to raise awareness of the company, its solutions and offer.

Integrating with the new website and video content, we would like to see case studies, press releases and features placed within the internal communications of our target sectors as well as media outlets.

The appointed company will work alongside MGISS’s Marketing and Communications Manager to agree a strategy and timeline.

Deliverable Timescale

Website to Launch on 1st April 2018. Video, Photography, PR and Content support to October 31st 2018.

Indicative Budget

£13,000 – £20,000

Website: Indicative budget: £5000-7500.

Video: Indicative budget: £5000-7500.

PR and Content: Indicative budget: £3000-5000.

Evaluation Criteriaplease see full RFQ for information

Scoring Methodology – please see full RFQ for information

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 21st January 2018 either electronically or by post/in person to Clare Barber (, MGISS, Studio C, 16 Jordan Street, Liverpool, L1 0BP.

Date Published 10th January 2018

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.