Request for Quotation – ORCHA Health App Developer Zone and related Features

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Expression of Interest closing date 20180105

Request for Quotation – ORCHA Health App Developer Zone and related Features

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ORCHA Health Limited has strong ambition to accelerate its growth and for this reason is working with Sci-Tech Daresbury as a partner in the Liverpool City Region – New Markets 2 Programme which is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This programme will part fund the work requested below and hence accelerate the impact arising for ORCHA.

ORCHA is the worlds largest dedicated health related App Library. Health related Apps offer huge potential to support individuals to stay healthy and to manage any conditions they already have. The Health App Market has exploded in recent years – with well over 300k Apps now available. Whilst this choice is valuable, the sheer scale of Apps on offer can be confusing and finding the right one is often difficult. The reliance on User based reviews and ‘mysterious search algorithms’ to ‘rank’ Apps in this sensitive space is also problematic as it essentially ‘freezes in aspic’ the top rankings for most common health condition and categories making it very difficult for new entrants to gain any sort of traction via these stores. Evidence also shows that these ratings and algorithms also offer very little indication of quality and effectiveness.

Whilst most major health care systems recognise the potential value of Health Apps and many have pro-active strategies and policies that seek to support the use of these approaches, for Health Professionals the lack of a clear quality indicator or standard prevents them fully embracing Apps in their day to day practice despite all the surrounding policy efforts.

That’s where ORCHA comes in, we COLLATE, CURATE and REVIEW ALL the Health Apps out there. Our sites allow individuals and professionals to find, compare and match Apps to their specific needs and in the case of professionals ‘prescribe’ or recommend Apps to their patient groups.

The ORCHA Review Score enables users and professionals to find Apps that meet key quality standards and regulatory compliance levels, to ensure that those Apps that fail to meet these minimum standards are flagged appropriately. Our platforms allow users to filter basic condition based searches to narrow down the Apps that best meet their specific characteristics and preferences.

This is increasingly important as Apps become more tailored and focussed on specific cohorts or develop integrations with specific consumer or clinical technologies from fitbits and Apple watches to GP and hospital patient record systems.

Why this work?

One of the key areas that ORCHA seeks to support is the Developer Community who are working in the health and care space. Our reviews and platforms provide Developers with a merit based shop window, where the better scoring Apps always appear first. Our Reviews also provide Developers with an invaluable improvement checklist that they can use to make their products better and more compliant with relevant regulations and best practice.

In support of this element of our mission we are looking to create and foster an ORCHA curated Health App Developer community of interest. This will build on what we have already done and put in place a number of additional elements to accelerate this work.


The aim of this project will be to further promote and develop the ORCHA App Developer Community. Ambition The strategic impact of the project is to continue to position ORCHA as the ‘go to’ place for all things Health App related.

Specification for Quotation

The key deliverables for this work are: –

The design of an ORCHA Developer Zone and related environments to be developed within the existing platform environment to include:

o Enhanced Developer Services area

o Recommended by ORCHA section

o ORCHA Platinum Club portal

o Developer Add Info features

Deliverable Timescale

The work is intended to be completed by the end of February.

Indicative Budget

We expect quotes to be up to, and no more than, £10,000 and draw your attention to the evaluation criteria below.

Evaluation Criteriaplease see full RFQ Document

Scoring Methodology please see full RFQ Document

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 5th January 2018. Proposals must be forwarded by email to

Date Published: 20th December 2017

Response to questions arising from this RFQ: All questions that are raised in regard to this RFQ and the relevant answers supplied will be published to all companies that have submitted quotations.

Date of Notification: All applicants will be notified by email whether they are successful or not by 10th January 2018.