Request for Quotation – Operational Review – Liverpool

Ref LGH131
Expression of Interest closing date 20170324

Satterthwaites Ltd – Bakehouse, 51 Coronation Rd, Crosby, L23 5RE 

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We would like to undertake an operational review to provide an in-depth and objective review of the business focusing on specific ‘problem areas’ within the business.

The review will identify and address existing concerns within the business such as communication issues, customer relations, operating procedures, lack of profitability issues, and other factors that may affect the stability of the business.

It will evaluate how well the business is performing, whether resources are allocated properly and if tasks could be done more effficiently within the time frame set and using cost-effective measures.

The goals of this operational review are to increase revenue, improve market share, and reduce cost. This will then enable us to focus on growing the business through wholesale and/or retail.

The consultant must have: 

Working knowledge of small craft bakeries 
Hands-on bakery production and management experience 
Experience of streamlining production flow in a craft bakery 
Good communication skills 
Knowledge of retail and wholesale bakery sector.

Deliverable Timescale The start date would be approximately 1st April.
Indicative Budget The anticipated budget is £3000.