Request for Quotation – New Website Development – Liverpool

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Expression of Interest closing date 20170904

Request for Quotation – New Website Development – Liverpool

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Toddler Fun Learning is a digital destination for little ones under 7 where they can safely laugh, sing and learn. Our YouTube channel is watched by over two million children every week around the world. We are a 21st Century family entertainment company with a mission to entertain and educate through new media and traditional channels to a global audience. We want our new website to be reflective of the high quality of our creative output and to be a platform which promotes our products and is a destination for parental resources.

Our Values

• To make a positive impact on the world
• Help a child’s development
• Encourage a balanced life away from the screen
• To constantly strive to improve our quality
• To be synonymous with responsible content creation, trusted by parents and loved by children the world over.

Requirement Objectives:   This brief is to replace the site found at with the following objectives:

• Modernise the look and feel, layout and user experience of the website to ensure that Toddler Fun Learning’s web presence is reflective of the high quality content which it release through various channels on a weekly basis
• Increase downloads of the Toddler Fun Learning App
• Act as a platform for a curated selection of our animated content.
• Become a destination factual resource for parents.
• Ensure users can clearly understand our service offering and our approach – tell the Toddler Fun Learning story
• Facilitate in-bound leads via contact us boxes / clear contact details
• Showcase our Press coverage and noteworthy reviews
• Build a flexible, editable site that is powered by a customisable CMS which is not locked down
• Website must be responsive to different sized screens.

Site Map

• Homepage – clean, clear and with key content sections
• Our videos section – Featuring a taster of Toddler Fun Learning content (hooked in through YouTube)
• Our App – Information and calls to action relating to the Toddler Fun Learning App
• “The Parent Zone” (Working Title) – A section which features guest blogs, reading resources, ideas parenting hacks. The desired effect of this section is to encourage engagement and raise Toddler Fun Learnings exposure as a responsible parent friendly 360 brand.
• What others say about us – Press section with pdfs of press coverage, pdf of report from Educational App Store and other reviews and testimonials.
• Contact Us – contact form to complete for enquiry as well as address and social media links
• About Us – The story of Toddler Fun Learning – The Journey so far, brand and value pdf.
• Links to Social Media channels – hook in instagram feed? • Music section – Platform for Toddler Fun Learning Nursery Rhyme Album.
• Downloadable Tangible Asset Page – Data Collection sheet that gives access to downloadable pdfs of colouring sheets, A-Z posters etc.
• A ticker with live stats – eg YouTube views etc
• Chat Feature – Needn’t be live chat function. We need to consider the development of a prospective future e-commerce section of the website for us to sell Toddler Fun Learning products. To this end we would like to future proof the new site and build in contingency for future growth wherever possible.

Functionality and Requirements

• Updateable area on homepage to showcase latest news.
• Integrate with analytics tool
• Embed video content from our online channels
• Flexible and open to enable us to plug in tools
• Client logo editable rolling banner or section??
• Responsive for mobile devices
• Embed instagram feed.
• Integrate our IP & characters within the site where possible

Target Audience

• Parents of children between the age of 1 year old up to the age of 7


• Showcase clearly our quality content output.
• Increase App downloads
• Showcase our partnership work, values and impact

Sites we like




Our competitors

Key Messages:  Toddler Fun Learning are a team of parents that pride themselves on the creation of fun educational video content for children between the ages of 1 and 7. Our App provides a safe environment for parents to watch and download our video content.

Deliverable Timescale:   We wish to have a fully functioning redesigned and redeveloped website by 15th November 2017

Indicative Budget £6,000 – 10,000

Proposal Format Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission Proposals are required by 4 th September 2017 either electronically or by post/in person to Shereef Hosny, Fun Learning Studios, Studio A Baltic Creative 49 Jamaica Street Liverpool, L1 0AH – Date Published 21st August 2017

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund