Request for Quotation – New Website

Expression of Interest closing date 20201008


Novah Ltd is a company founded in 1998 and provides lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Novah employs 12 people and has marketing channels in place for its existing range of products.

Novah has a new technology which requires a different marketing approach. The product is a Covid Sanitisation product which will provide safe sanitisation to several markets but is particularly targeted at the retail market.


We are looking for a brochure website to have between three and five main pages (plus any subpages) on the website (including the homepage), with the following being essential (although they can be renamed):

For the Home/Product page design/imagery we will require:

A 3D CGI rendition of the product with various views within retail environments
A MOA (Mechanism of Action) video/animation/interactive animation
Interactive diagrams with pop-up ‘info bubbles’ explaining certain product features.

The MOA and cutaways should demonstrate the following:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Safety features, such as:
    • Indicator lights
    • Locking mechanism
    • Scanning for live objects
  • The sanitisation process (how the UVC eliminates the virus)
  • Speed of process

We are open to suggestions regarding other potential pages, including how to split the main pages further e.g. if it is thought that the ‘About’ section would be better in subpages, such as ‘Our Mission’ or ‘Meet the Team’.

We want to emphasise the idea of ease-of-use and safety, and how we are providing individuals with sanitised commercial items. We would like to discuss the best way of progressing with the imagery with the chosen supplier. The logo is pre-existing, and the colours featured in the logo are light blues, greys, whites and blacks. Hence, we would want the website to follow a similar colour scheme.

To summarise, the most important things to accentuate through the design are ‘ease-of-use’ and ‘safety’.

The following website features are essential:


  • User-friendly CMS system (and associated training for individual(s) within Novah), as we will need to add blogs/news/updates and edit the site on a regular basis;
  • An optimised website which is aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use on both desktop and mobile;
  • Capable of hosting video/movement/animation and an area for copy (perhaps a blog/news page);
  • Social media handles and easy-to-add social media links;
  • Both ‘click-to-contact’ capabilities and a contact form on the ‘Contact’ page;
  • A chat feature;
    • Regular backups.
    • Enhanced SEO.ECommerce capabilities not necessary.

Deliverable Timescale
We expect the project to commence no later than 15/10/20, and to be completed by 31/12/20

Indicative Budget
This work will be part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.  The project falls within the £2,500 – £24,999 bracket and therefore, under current Public Procurement Regulations, there is no formal tender procedure but a detailed written quotation is required.

Evaluation Criteria
Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:
Cost 25%
Communication 25%
Experience 25%
Creativity 25%

Scoring Methodology
To view full RFQ click here

Proposal Format
Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission
Proposals for consideration are required by: 12pm on 8/10/20 either electronically or by post to:
Rebecca Lewis. Email.

Date Published

This work is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
Conditions of Tender

  • Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.
  • You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises.  This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.