Request for Quotation – New Product Launch Plan

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Expression of Interest closing date 27/08/2021

Request for Quotation – New Product Launch Plan

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Intaglio Creative are experts in material innovation and have seen the market evolve over the past decade. Stretching our engraving learning’s to cover solutions on substrates such as ceramics, porcelain, zinc, granite and many others. Our primary markets are national retailers, interior designers, architects and like-minded material innovators who need a cutting-edge solution for their projects.

With many years’ experience in their respective fields, we have a team that excels in those fields, including, material sourcing and an understanding of current material trends, engraving process knowledge and highly skilled machinery technicians.

Out of that experience came an idea to help local organisations such as schools, sports teams, charities and others tap into a fund raising stream that until now has been the preserve of national sports teams and stadia – the personalisation of memories, tributes and association in a permanent legacy.

At one end of the spectrum are projects like the Father Time Wall at Lords Cricket Ground or personalised fan stones at major UK football clubs. These ‘super’ schemes generate £ millions from fans around the world.

At the other end of the spectrum, local clubs, teams, theatre groups and other bodies are hungry for funds, but this type of activity has been inaccessible, or only accessible via low tech methods. These organisations are sometimes charities or CICs operating on limited funds, but sometimes still need to cover significant overheads to ensure their facilities are kept to the required level for health and safety etc.

Our new initiative, Fundit will provide an easy, straightforward process to bring the opportunity to grass roots level. This could be for sporting awards, fundraising initiatives, major milestones or marking the end of the season or school leavers each summer, for example. An easily implemented permanent, lasting legacy for individuals or families, at a reasonable cost that raises much needed funds for the organisation.


Intaglio/FundItNow is currently a small operation without the budget to recruit permanent sales and marketing staff. Once FundItNow takes off, this is likely to change however, initially someone with considerable commercial experience in sales and marketing is required to support MD Kevin O’Brien in driving awareness of this exciting new initiative.

The support required is to :

Provide input and add value to the existing thoughts (Launch Phase One) on marketing and messaging campaigns to organisations and individuals.

Production of brand consistent selling materials for :

  • 60 second elevator pitch
  • Telesales Scripts
  • Word documents to accompany samples or brochures
  • PowerPoint Sales Presentations
  • On brand Social Media Posts

    Two days per month (Sept Oct & Nov), for training and coaching existing team in selling to target customers (warm calls and prospecting for new contacts)

    Capture feedback and learning from early adopters to enhance success of Phase Two activities in Spring 2022

Advise on the recruitment process and job descriptions for permanent sales people.

Deliverable Timescale

Intaglio expects to have the FundIt Now website ready for launch in August 2021 with a full on launch of the service in Sept / Oct 2021. The bulk of activities will be completed in September – November, with key learnings to be identified ready for the second phase of the launch in Spring 2022.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:


Sales and Marketing knowledge/expertise                                                                                30%


Experience in developing and launching ground-breaking

new products and services                                                                                           15%


Appreciation of the potential for this new sector for both organisations

and the paying public                                                                                                   10%


Connections, influence and reach into the local community and

national sporting, leisure and cultural organisations                                                    15%


Clarity of quotation                                                                                                       10%


Delivery Timescale                                                                                                        10%


Cost                                                                                                                              10%

 Scoring Methodology


4 – Excellent Proposal meets and in some places exceeds the required standard
3 – Good Proposal meets the required standard
2 – Acceptable Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or inconsistent in others
1 – Poor Proposal fall short of expected standard
0 – Unacceptable Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not provide the relevant answer

Proposal Format

Proposals should demonstrate how they meet the requirements set out above, with significant emphasis on sales and marketing experience. Input is required in developing a launch plan and then hands on executional support is needed to make it happen.

Deadline and Submission

Quotations are required by 1600 Hrs, 27th August 2021 electronically to Kevin O’Brien at 

Date Published   17th August 2021


  • This work is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


  • ERDF Indicative Budget

    This work will be part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.  The project falls within the *£2,500 – £24,999 bracket and therefore, under current Public Procurement Regulations, there is no formal tender procedure, but a detailed written quotation is required.

(*NB this figure is the ERDF regulations figure. IT IS NOT THE BUDGET FOR THIS PROJECT)


  • Conditions of Tender

Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.

We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.

You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises.  This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.