Request for Quotation – Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services

Ref Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services
Expression of Interest closing date 27/01/2023

DATE: 09/01/23

St Helens Chamber is inviting quotations to provide advice and prepare a tender pack for refurbishment or replacement of the heating and air conditioning system throughout the building:

St Helens Chamber, Salisbury St, Off Chalon Way, St Helens WA10 1FY.

Please complete in line with the structure set out below and return as a pdf or Word document to this email address:

Please also use this email address for clarification questions.


Deadline for Clarification Questions (5pm deadline) Friday 27th January
Return of Quotation (5pm deadline) Wed 1st February
Further discussion will take place with shortlisted companies During Feb 2023


  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Scope of Service
  4. Response Structure
  5. Further information.


  1. Introduction


Scope Of Works

Our heating/cooling system is nearing end of life and we wish to run a separate tender process for the strip out and installation of a new system.

We require a quotation to assess our current system, guide our choice of appropriate options, and prepare a comprehensive tender pack for this procurement.

  • Queries

All queries relating to this request for quotation shall be addressed, before 5pm Friday 27th January, to:

  • Instructions to Quoting Companies
  1. Quotes must be submitted in accordance with these instructions and any further instructions contained in other documentation issued by the Chamber.
  1. Non-compliant or incomplete Quotes: Quotes will not be considered if any of the requested information is not supplied with the Quotes.
  1. Quotes will be received as a document attached to an email sent to before 5pm on Wednesday 1st
  1. The Chamber does not bind itself to accept the lowest Quotes or any Quotes at all and reserves the right to accept the whole or part or parts of any Quotes. The Chamber shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the Contractor in preparing the Quotes.
  1. Prices should be shown as £XX+VAT i.e. exclusive of the VAT.
  1. Confidentiality of Quotes: The quoting company must not inform anyone else of their price or details of their proposal. The only exception is if you are required to obtain an insurance quotation then you may give details of your bid to the insurance company or brokers, if needed.
  1. Prior to contract award, discussing this RFQ with or attempting to influence Employees, Members and the Board of Directors of the Chamber is prohibited.
  1. Trading names/invoicing: Where invoices will be rendered by, or payments made to, an entity whose title differs in any respect from the company name in which the Quotation is submitted, full details must be provided in the Quotation.
  1. Except where the Chamber considers that questions are not material to the procurement process and the fullest understanding of its objectives, clarification questions (anonymised) and their replies will be available on
  1. The Chamber reserves the right, at its discretion, to request clarification in writing, or further relevant information, from any quoting company during the decision process.
  • Evaluation Criteria

Our evaluation will be weighted as follows:


Offer of service 40%
Experience and testimonial 20%
Value for money 30%
Base in relation to St Helens and Membership of St Helens Chamber 10%
  1. Background


St Helens Chamber:

An inspiring social enterprise creating opportunity and success in our community.

We are a large and dynamic Social Enterprise, with a long history of helping the business community create prosperity and opportunity in and around St Helens. The Chamber is a unique organisation, a private sector not-for-profit, that works with local businesses, partners, and the community to contribute to inclusive growth and regeneration.

The purpose of St Helens Chamber is to identify and help drive activities which contribute to social, economic, and environmental development, making our place better through living our core values of Giving A Voice, Leading Edge, Driven by Quality, and Supportive. Our role gives a voice to local business, as the creators of prosperity and opportunity, and supports our Members, local businesses, and residents. Our services inspire people to start and grow businesses, successfully start and progress their careers, and give back to their community to inspire others.   By delivering our strategic objectives we are able to create substantial Social Value.

We are proud that St Helens Chamber is an award-winning high-quality organisation, well-respected as a delivery partner, and led by a private sector Board, all supported by the highest level of business Membership in the UK relative to our business base.    We have clear objectives and priorities to deliver to the highest levels of quality and to ensure our sustainability as an organisation, enabling us to continue to deliver our Mission.

For further details of the Chamber’s role and activities visit



  • Current heating/air con system, ClimateMaster, installed 2009.


  • Total no. of current heating / air con units 75


  • The Chamber building has a ground source system. At present the ground loop water (geothermal loop) distributes throughout the building (two pipes) and is converted to heating or cooling energy at source by the climate master heat pump units in each room.
  1. Scope of Service


St Helens Chamber wishes to obtain the advice of a mechanical engineering specialist to help scope the works for a proposed new heating and cooling system at St Helens Chamber.

Tendering party to:

  • Assess benefits and limitations of current system.
  • Present options and advice on systems available, likely pricing implications, and outline any implications of system change, from localised to centralised and/or from 2 pipe to 4 pipe system, such as – for example – the requirement to manage chilled water, or to provide additional space and equipment.
  • Enable St Helens Chamber and their advisers to choose a preferred option.
  • Once preferred option chosen to develop the full tender pack, including:
    • a mechanical reference specification
    • a mechanical performance specification
    • an electrical connections specification
    • specified required integration with current or upgraded Building Management System
    • a fire strategy to enable installation tenderers to plan for ensuring necessary fire stopping and integrity.
    • specification of which Construction Design and Management and Building Regulations need to be adopted.
    • specification of which Standard needs to be applied to the new system to allow for full commissioning and certification.
  • Act as Principal Designer and develop drawings within the tender pack showing the as-built and planned-new status.
  • Advise Chamber on wider business considerations including
    • likely risks and mitigation strategies
    • the role and responsibilities of the Chamber in the ongoing work
    • the requirement for operational training
    • the likely timescale of the works and minimization of impact.


  1. Response to the Quotation


The proposal must be structured as follows:


  1. Introduction to your organisation, describing your organisation’s previous experience of providing mechanical engineering consultancy services similar to those required by the Chamber and relevant accreditations you hold.
  2. Provide a project plan showing time necessary for different stages of the requirement and risks and dependencies for this project.
  3. Outline the people who will be providing the advice to St Helens Chamber, and their qualifications and suitability for the work.
  4. Set out your view of the role and responsibilities of the Chamber in the proposed contract, and any expected resource demands on the Chamber.
  5. Provide your pricing proposal.

Complete and sign the Agreement:


1. I/We agree and/or certify that this offer and any Contract arising from it shall be bound in the main by the Request for Quotation documentation Yes/No
2. I/We agree and/or certify to supply products of the quality, sort and price specified in our Quotation Yes/No
3. We are bidding to provide all the services required, if we are proposing to use subcontractors this is made clear in our proposal. Yes/No
4. I/We agree and/or certify that this offer is made in good faith and that we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the offer in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person Yes/No
5. I/We agree and/or certify that we will not communicate to any person other than the person inviting these offers the (or approximate amount of) offer Yes/No
7. I/We agree that the Chamber may research and assess our company financial profile and track record in making our decision.









Position in Company





  1. Include one written testimonial from a business client.


Please ensure your response is no more than 12 A4 pages.