Request for Quotation – Marketing Strategy & Implementation Support

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Expression of Interest closing date 20170721

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Request for Quotation – Marketing Strategy and Implementation Support


Tookie’s mission is to become a global brand for cancer/renal/nutrition & respiratory patient care & dignity – enabling “A life more normal”

Established in 2015, Tookie has driven a robust adoption processes for its portfolio of patient/carer and clinician driven innovations, focusing upon security of CVCs).

Tookie’s products are simple and appeal immensely to our customers – addressing key unmet needs, enabling patients to return to a life with greater levels of normality, freedom & independence.

Tookie is focusing on NHS buy-in and support, via product evaluations and acceptance as a NHS Supply Chain (SC) procurement framework project, ahead of global roll-out.

Our Tookie Brand – “A life more normal” – is central to the success of Tookie Limited.The Tookie product portfolio (much still under development) comprises a portfolio of wearable supportive medical devices for the CVC to help prevent inadvertent fallout, reduce infection and improve patient well-being.

The NHS and the wider healthcare industry does not provide any patient group with wearable supportive garment that aids patient safety to protect and secure the central line from inadvertent fall out and enhance patient experience while undergoing treatment. Tookie overall aim is to bring a portfolio of Tookie products to market, seeking “Proof of Concept” in the UK NHS for each of its innovative products.


Tookie Limited requires specialist Marketing Support. The primary aim of such marketing support is to:

• Raise the profile of the Tookie Brand and Tookie products nationally, within target markets, with a key focus on NHS and Private Healthcare Institutions
• Build, boost and maintain the web visibility of Tookie as a leading organisation and the Tookie products through a range of digital channels, including establishing a social media presence for the company
• Maximise opportunities around key events, such as Medica 2017 and Arab Health 2018 / launches to help raise the profile of Tookie to potential influencers and customers

Specifically, Tookie requires healthcare technology and related specialist support, in the following areas:

• the NHS (primary and secondary care)
• public sector healthcare bodies, such as CCGs, AHSNs
• key sector multipliers, such as Medilink, Medilink
• Key Healthcare Events • Key sector charities and organisations, such as Macmillan, Caudwell Children and other societies / charities / support groups related to patients with problems relating to the following conditions:
o Oncology
o Renal
o Nutrition
o Respiratory

In terms of day-to-day activities, the support will require

• Exhibition support
• Press releases (traditional and digital)
• Creation of influencer blogs
• Case study creation
• Supporting social media for the content across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
• Project management and review
• Press Liaison and clippings service
• Regular client meeting and telecons
• Design support for website and presentations
• Sector connectivity to key instructions and bodies
• Develop high level brand alongside Tookie team members
• Provide reactive support when necessary
• Provide proactive communications strategy and guidance

Deliverable Timescale This particular stage of the programme should commence September 2017 and be completed at the end of February 2018

Indicative Budget The budget for the Programme is set at £10,000 (exc. VAT)

Proposal Format:  Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Proposals are required by 1700 hrs on 21 July 2017, either electronically or by post/in person to: David Axon CEO, Tookie Limited Apartment 1 38 Ye Priory Court Liverpool L25 7AY Email: Mobile: +44 7740 923279 Date Published 06/07/17

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund