Request for Quotation – Market Research & Insight – St Helens Chamber Digital Hub

Ref STHC-2017-Q02
Expression of Interest closing date 20171129

Request for Quotation – Market Research & Insight – St Helens Chamber Digital Hub

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St Helens Chamber ‘Digital Hub’

Market Research & Insight (STHC-2017-Q02)

Request for Quotation


St Helens Chamber has secured funding through the Liverpool City Region Strategic Investment Fund to develop a ‘Digital Hub’.

The project involves the redevelopment of an existing three storey building in St Helens Town Centre already owned by St Helens Chamber, and currently operating as an Information, Advice and Guidance Centre – “Starting Point”.

Work is about to begin on the exterior of the building, to be followed in early 2018 by the re-design of the interior, and fitting it out with digital equipment. The Centre will re-open in Summer 2018 and will aim to promote digital skills in St Helens, and provide training and business support services.

Anticipated Services  

The Centre will fulfil several functions:

  • A training centre, offering digital training at all levels – from basic IT skills through to higher level digital marketing Apprenticeships and training provision for anyone wanting to develop their skills. This will meet the needs of businesses; employed and unemployed adults; young people starting their career and school children learning about digital technologies.  It will aim to support the digital and creative sector, but more importantly will recognise and promote the idea that almost all jobs now require digital skills.
  • Information, Advice and Guidance to help people find a job or develop in their careers, in particular recognising that people need digital skills to apply for jobs, and then to secure and sustain a job.
  • Start Up businesses and people with ideas. The Centre will act as a network hub for digital sector businesses, and a place where people with new ideas can come for help.
  • A resource for local businesses to use, for example by having equipment they may require for occasional use and would not directly invest in purchasing or by providing staff training on new technologies.


During early 2018 we will need to ‘brand’ the project, agree the interior design and layout and purchase equipment.

In order to do this well, we need a thorough understanding of who will use the building, how they will use it and what equipment/facilities it should have.

Further work will be commissioned on branding and communications, but at this stage, market research is required to ensure the project is delivered in such a way as to best meet the needs of the customer groups outlined above. Whilst we have a view of what the facility will deliver, our thoughts and ideas need testing and refining. In particular:

  • Does the demand exist for the services we have set out above, and how should services be prioritised?
  • What kinds of digital training, skills and qualifications are required by local businesses and people?
  • How can the building best be configured and operated to meet this demand?
  • Which items of ‘digital equipment’ do we need to consider purchasing, based on feedback from businesses?

We would like this work to be carried out during December and we can assist by providing venues, administrative support etc. if required. Proposals for this stage of the project are therefore invited.

Please forward your proposal, explaining how/when you would undertake this work, and proposed cost, by 29th November. Please direct any questions to