Request for Quotation: ISO 27001 – Liverpool

Ref LGH214
Expression of Interest closing date 20180504

Request for Quotation: ISO 27001 – Liverpool 

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Background: Denbridge Marine is a radar software company based in Birkenhead that supplies commercial and military customers around the world.

Requirement: We need to gain ISO27001 approval. So we are looking for an expert to write our procedures, gain approval and coach staff on the new procedures.

Timescale: We would like to start the project in May 2018 and complete it by October 2018

Budget: £8,000

Evaluation criteria:

50% on quality and technical expertise – ie understanding and knowledge of the standards and delivery approach.

30% on Cost/value for money.

20% on Delivery timescale – preferably as required above.

Scoring methodology:

4 Excellent Proposal meets or exceeds the required standard

3 Good Proposal meets the required standard

2 Acceptable Proposal meets the required standard in most respect but is lacking/inconsistent in others.

1 Poor Proposal falls short of the expected standard

0 Unacceptable Significantly fails to meet the standard or provide the relevant answer

Proposals and Deadline: Proposal format should be to demonstrate how they meet the above requirements. Proposals are required by 3pm on Friday 4th May either by e-mail to or in post/person to the address above.

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.