Request for Quotation – Growth Marketing Foundation – Liverpool

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Expression of Interest closing date 20180604

Request for Quotation – Growth Marketing Foundation – Liverpool

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Aerodrums is a business based within the Liverpool City Region. We have designed and manufactured an air-drumming instrument which is the most portable and quiet drum kit in the world. It runs on your computer and understands your drumming intent by watching you drum. This is a complete reinvention of drumming, offering near-silent practice as well as full blown live drumming with no physical kit.

Aerodrums is the perfect instrument for learning to play the drums and an ideal complement to a practice pad. As a MIDI instrument it also offers a dynamic and cost-effective recording solution for the home or studio.

We have a great product and even better products in store. We now need good marketing advice and execution to reach all who could benefit from them.

Project overview

Supplier will collaborate with management to refine and formalise the marketing strategy of the company.

Supplier will be responsible for establishing the foundations for modern marketing execution within the company.

Supplier will demonstrate the validity of this foundation by implementing a marketing campaign for existing Aerodrums as well as a product launch for a standalone version of Aerodrums. Validation will be based on sales growth.

Supplier will communicate, or help prepare material for communication, with the company’s distribution, manufacturing and funding partners when marketing expertise is required.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the marketing foundation within the company, it is envisaged that the successful applicant would continue to work with the business on a permanent basis, following the conclusion of this work, on terms to be agreed, or be involved with the recruitment of a permanent position within the business to carry forward this agenda.

Indicative budget: £30,000

Time scale and deliverables: Project start: June 2018 Project end: 30th of November 2018 (6 months)

Strategy Information – Please click here to view source of RFQ

Foundation Informaiton – Please click here to view source of RFQ

Execution Information Please click here to view source of RFQ

Requirements Supplier must demonstrate:

• This is a comprehensive piece of work and we would encourage providers to clearly demonstrate their ability to deliver this work in their response relating to a successful marketing plan for a consumer product
• A particular knowledge of:

◦ Managing marketing mailing lists
◦ Implementing ad campaigns on the Google, Facebook and Instagram platforms
◦ Negotiating and purchasing ad placements from print publications
◦ Organising in-store marketing activities

• Proven analytical capability to reliably measure ROI and CAC:

◦ Setting up and implementing a data gathering methodology
◦ Validating and analysing the data
◦ Presenting the evidence found in support of the findings
◦ Over the full range of marketing activities (e.g. not just AdWords)
◦ Without depending on external expertise

• The required skillset to work with small companies, specifically:

◦ The ability to identify what skills and employee time is available in house
◦ The ability to get tasks done in spite of lack of the above

• Ability to have good quality copy written fast (without depending on external copy writers)

• Contact person at supplier’s must carry out over 50% of the project

Evaluation Criteria Supplier selection will be done in two stages:

1. Quotation evaluation

2. Half day selection event for a maximum of 3 successful quotations

Quotations / proposals Will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Quality/ Technical Merit (40%) Supplier must demonstrate they have the technical and professional capability to deliver the requirement.

Delivery Time scale (20%) Supplier must demonstrate they can deliver the requirement to time scales above.

Cost/Value for money (20%) Does supplier offer value for money? This will not necessarily be the cheapest quote.

Match quality (20%) How many of the following desirable criteria does supplier match:

• We ask that you provide examples of the types and range of marketing consultancy support you would be able to offer and how you believe this will help achieve our objectives in industries as closely related as possible (in decreasing order of closeness: musical instruments, consumer electronics, videos games, teenager toys, tech gadgets) NM2 RfQ V5 May17

• Strong address book in the musical instruments press and/or the tech press

• German, Spanish, Chinese and/or Japanese language skills

• Contact person at supplier’s able to travel regularly to Liverpool city centre

• Willingness of contact person at supplier’s to travel abroad for meetings or trade shows • Knowledge of the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms

• Knowledge of other digital advertising platforms than the ones required • Knowledge of TV advertising

Scoring Methodology – Please click here to view source of RFQ

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission Proposals are required by the 1 st of June electronically to Yann Morvan, The short list of successful quotations will be announced on the Monday 4th June.

Selection interviews

At the event, scheduled for the Wednesday 6th June, the contact persons from suppliers whose quotation has been successful will:

• Meet company staff and other participants
• Participate in a creative task set by the company and attended by product developers from the company
• Present their work to the group
• Be expected to answer questions on their presentation

Final decision Suppliers who attended the selection event will be informed of our decision by Friday the 8 th June.

Date Published 21st May 2018

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund