Request for Quotation – eCommerce Website – Liverpool

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Request for Quotation – eCommerce Website – Liverpool

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Gift Wrap Direct Limited is an owner-managed business based within the Liverpool City Region. The business specialises in a range of commercial and print and design mediums, including banners and posters, leaflets, business stationery and large format prints. We also design and produce bespoke wallpaper, commercial vinyl signage, advertising friezes, and corporate gifts. Our customers include public sector organisations eg schools, retail and commercial businesses, and bespoke point of sale installations for shops.


There will be 3 websites developed controlled by a central CRM. All 3 websites will be compatible with phone and tablet devices. – promoting our products and services. This will be an ecommerce site selling various products and print designs created in house. There will be 8 main categories with sub categories within this. Within certain sub categories there will be further categories. We must retain the ability to add further categories in house without having to employ the services of a web developer. Furthermore, all of the websites must be easy to edit in terms of replacing and changing images, sliding banners and all other tasks necessary to carry out the smooth operation and running of the websites. All sites will be able to link to each other with a prominent clear banner promoting the services of the other one. There will also be a button on Dandylion Designs advertising trade accounts for retailers. There will be a pop up enquiry form with this. – commercial B2B site that will service retailers within the Greeting Card and Gift Shop sector. Other potential customers within this sector include Party Shops, Event Co-ordinators and Balloon Decorators. The end consumer will also be able to purchase directly from the website of Dandylion Designs. The site will be created with the end consumer in mind selling various print products including the following:-

Large format banners and posters
Canvas Prints Wallpaper
Promotional Giftware
Photo plaques and slates
Tote bags
Phone Cases
Photo and promotional balloons
Personalised Sashes

The website will have customisable software with web to print capabilities for both large and small format printing

This site is WEB TO PRINT based so it is essential that the web developer understands the processes and what is required. The transition from web to print will be smooth, efficient and user friendly without compromising the quality of the print.

The website will be very user friendly with the following functionality.

1. Upload photo’s and files onto a pre set template that has been designed in house. The software will have a quality control checker to ensure the image is of a good enough quality to reproduce in print. This will inform the customer what is wrong with the photo. Eg. Poor quality image or file not large enough.The upload function will be able to handle larger files at good speeds.

2. There will be a pre set crop / mask on each template. When the customer uploads their photo it will automatically be positioned within the mask area. The customer will have the ability to move the photo within the masked area (ensuring they only have the part of the photo they want showing) and also to resize it to give the desired finish.

3. There will be 3 pre set selections of crop masks, square, oval and circular.

4. There will be some basic photo editing features as in the illustration and also for other printable products.

5. There will be a selection of fonts for the customer to write text on the template. There will be a pre-defined area where the text will go on each template.

6. There will be an option to select the colour of the text.

7. There will be an option to add a stroke / border to the text and the size of the stroke can be altered by using some sort of slider.

8. A drop shadow function to the text will also be an option.

9. Clip Art in a scalable web to print format can be added to the template. There will be a gallery or library of clip art to choose from.

10. The website will have the ability to upload images from Social Media including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The customer will also be able to upload images directly from a desktop computer, tablet or phone.

11. The website will have an undo button at each stage of the design.

12. There will be a number of pre-set templates with the option to load two or more photographs.

13. There will be pop ups / live running guide at each step directing people what to do next and to ensure ease of use for the customer.

14. Not all of the above functionality will be necessary for all products. Therefore a button / option to finish the design at each stage of the process will be necessary. Eg. “Finished Designing – submit to print” but with the option to go back. Alternatively, limit number of steps depending on product.

15. We will need “preview option” at each stage so that the customer can view what the finished product will look like.

16. There will be a choice of media to choose from, ie. For banners it may be paper or vinyl.

17. There must be a function that cross matches purchases with other similar products. For example, an Engagement banner is ordered. A suggestion window pops up “People also ordered this photo balloon with this banner and this photo slate” Why not order a “Gift Voucher” for a canvas print or photo slate to remember the occasion.

18. IMPORTANT Once the banner has been created online we must be able to download the whole image in a format that is suitable for print. It is ESSENTIAL that the banner image can be scaled up to print as a large format banner without losing any of the quality.

The website will be have the ability to be easily replicated in the form of a white label site. These satellite sites will be franchised to clients within the Greeting card sector. The sites will have the ability to be easily changed to suit the clients branding and will have their own domain name and will link directly into the main site of Dandylion Designs.

This will enable the clients customers to design and process their own orders. The website of Dandylion Design will automate and record client orders and commissions.

The web developer / designer must have an extensive knowledge of ecommerce and “web to print” sites. They must also have knowledge of the different formats used in print and be able to create the process that enables the consumer to create a design using a template. They must understand and be able to link the print ready design form the web to the SAI rip software to resize and make ready for print. The website must also link to other printers that do not necessarily use SAI rip software but link to sublimation printers for other types of product and media. – commercial B2B site providing print services for all types of business. Initially the site will consist of all commercial print products available for other businesses to purchase. There will be an enquiry and order form together with the facility to upload their own artwork for production. The site will also have software that will detect whether the artwork is suitable for production. The site will have a corporate look to it with a colour scheme similar to Gift Wrap Direct.

There will be eight main Categories as follows:-

All Products – Flyers; Business Cards; Stapled Booklets; Banners; Posters; Promotional Products;  Wallpaper; Personalised Products; Stationery.

These will be situated as buttons on the top line and below the main header they will be shown as clickable graphics as above with some information about that particular product.

Each of these categories will have sub categories that will take the customer to an order page with more product details with quantities and prices for that particular product. An “order now” button would bring up an order form were the customer could fill in their requirements and have the option of uploading an image. It is important that the website is developed in such a way that at a later stage we can change it to a more interactive site.

The website will be user friendly with the ability to be changed and updated in house with ease.

Deliverable Timescale

Commencing August, completion by end October 2018

Indicative Budget £5 – 7,000

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Quality/ Technical Merit (50%) Supplier must demonstrate they have the technical and professional capability to deliver the requirement.

Delivery Timescale (20%) Supplier must demonstrate they can deliver the requirement to timescales above.

Cost/Value for money (30%) Does supplier offer value for money. This will not necessarily be the cheapest quote.

Scoring Methodology

4 Excellent – Proposal meets and in some places, exceeds the required standard
3 Good – Proposal meets required standard
2 Acceptable – Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or inconsistent in others
1 Poor – Proposal falls short of expected standard
0 Unacceptable – Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not provide the relevant answer.

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 31st July either electronically or by post/in person to Ian Coughlin, Gift Wrap Direct Ltd, 3 Marian Square, Netherton, Liverpool, L30 5QA –

Date Published 18 July 2018

This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund Conditions of Tender

• Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.

• We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.

• You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises. This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.