Request for Quotation – Digital Marketing Strategy – St Helens

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Expression of Interest closing date 20180910

Request for Quotation – Digital Marketing Strategy – St Helens

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Beaufort Financial Limited are based in St Helens. The company operates as an Independent Financial Advisory firm predominately giving advice to individual clients and companies on Investments and Pensions.

Our business was established in 2005 and we work closely with Livesey Spottiswood Chartered Accountants who are shareholders in the business and have been operating in St Helens for over 50 years.

We are also part of the Beaufort Group who are a national IFA network with offices around the country. Beaufort Financial Limited is now looking to fund specialist support in order to develop a digital marketing strategy that will promote our brand and create increased sales activity via our website.


We currently have an online presence through our website which has been developed in conjunction with the marketing department within the Beaufort Group. Whilst this site is extremely informative we would like to generate more enquiries and generate more leads. We have a number of free reports which can be accessed via the website which provide a reason for potential clients to seek our advice.

The critical success factors will be the development of a social media strategy that;

1.  Provides new opportunities and leads that enable Beaufort Financial to increase its turnover.

2.  Increase brand awareness of Beaufort Financial.

3.  Provides improved SEO for Beaufort Financial.

Critical success factors will include;

1.  Increase website visitors.
2.  Improve the number of sales.
3.  Provide ongoing support and development.

This will be a fixed project over a 3-month period, with a view to ongoing commitment dependent upon the success rate.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Cost (20%)
Delivery / Timescales (20%)
Demonstrational skills (10%)
Understanding of the brief (30%)
Ease of communication (20%)

Scoring Methodology

4 – Excellent – Proposal meets and in some places, exceeds the required standard
3 – Good – Proposal meets required standard
2 – Acceptable – Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or inconsistent in others
1 – Poor – Proposal falls short of expected standard
0 – Unacceptable – Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not provide the relevant answer.

Deliverable Timescale

We are looking to commence the project from 17th September 2018, and completion is required by 30th November 2018.

Indicative Budget

This work will be part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.  The project falls within the £2,500 – £24,999 bracket and therefore, under current Public Procurement Regulations, there is no formal tender procedure, but a detailed written quotation is required.

Proposal Format

Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are required by 10/09/18, either electronically or by post/in person to Mr Leigh Tarleton, Beaufort Financial Ltd, 14 George St., St. Helens, WA10 1DB

Tel.01744 451813

Date Published 30/08/18

This work is to be part funded through the European Regional Development Fund

Fund Conditions of Tender

• Please be aware that due to the relatively low indicative budget for this work (i.e. less than the current OJEU limits) there is no regulatory obligation for us to provide feedback if you are unsuccessful.
• We reserve the right to discontinue this tender process at any time and not award a contract.
• You will not be entitled to claim from us any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing and/or submitting your Tender at any stage of this exercises. This applies whether or not your organisation is successful.